Liem's Measures of Central Tendency

Sunday, September 28, 2008
  • Arrange Data in ascending order
  • The sum of all data divided by the number of data
  • With an outlier the mean is a less accurate "average"
  • The middle number in a data set once arranged in ascending order.
  • Find the middle number.
  • There can be 2 middle medians, you have to find the mean of them.
  • More accurate then mean if the data has a outlier.
  • Great to use if there is an outlier.
  • Uses all numbers to find the the middle.
  • Arranged in order, ascending order.
  • The most common number in a set of data.
  • There can be more then 1 mode.
  • There can be no mode.

  • Arrange in ascending order(optional)
  • Subtract highest number to lowest number.
  • Big range=Outlier
This is my video of MMM


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