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Sunday, May 31, 2009
Hello everyone! Mr. H assigned us all a post answering a few percent questions, and here is mine. Feel free to leave a comment!

The first question asks what is 245% of $356.80. To solve this particular question the easiest way to do so is to use a ratio chart, as shown in the image above. As mentioned previously, the question asks what is 245% of $356.80, meaning $356.80 is the whole, or 100%. That is the first thing you put is what 100% is, or the whole. Our goal is to find what 245% of $356.80 is, so the easiest way to attack this kind of question is to find what 1% is. So how do we get from 100% to 1%? We divide by 100! Remember, whatever we do to one side we must to do the other (of the ratio chart). 100% divided by 100 is 1, and 356.80 divided by 100 is 3.5680. Now that we know what 1% of $356.80 is we can easily find out what 245% is quickly, simply by multiplying 1 by 245. Quite obviously, 1 multiplied by 245 is 245, and 3.5680 multiplied by 245 is 874.16. Our answer is $874.16.

The question asks what 68 3/4 of 730 is. We're using a ratio chart to solve this question. We begin with what 100% is, and divide that by 100 on both sides to find what 1% is, which in this case, is 7.3. From there we multiply 1 by 68.75 because that is the percent of we are looking for. Our answer is 501.875.

The question asks what 360% of 129.95. We begin our ratio charts with what 100% is, which would be 129.95. To easily find what 360% is since we know what 100% is, we divide 100% by 1, (which finds us 1%) and multiply by 360, which would obviously give us 360%. Since we divided and multiplied said numbers on the Percents side, we must do so on the Value's side. 129.95 divided by 100 is 1.2995, and 1.2995 multiplied by 360 is 467.82. Our answer is $467.82.

The question asks for the commission of a house if the house is sold for $345 000. To do that we find what 6.75% of 345 000 is. We begin our ratio chart with what 100% is, which in this case is $345 000. We divide 100% on both sides by 100 to find 1 percent, which is 3450, and multiply that by 6.75, which is 23287.5%. Our answer is $23287.50. We do this because commission is what the salesmen gets off of what he/she sells. He/She gets a certain percentage (in this case 6.75) of the sales price (in this case $345 000) so that's why we solved for 6.75% of 345 000.

The question asks how much sodium is one person eating daily if people are eating 182% of 1700 mg of it. As always be begin by writing out what 100% is, which would be in this case 1700. We divide that by 100 on both sides to find 1%, which would be 17. Then we multiply that by 182 on each side to solve for our answer. Our answer is 3094 mg. We do this because 1700 mg is what is recommended about, and what people are usually taking in is 182% of this. Our goal was to find 182% of that because that's what people were taking in.


  1. peachy 8-41 said...

    LINDA! I love your little box things, I don't exactly know what to call them. But.. I LOVE THEM. :) Their so cool. Haha. I liked how you also explained how to do each equation. Your post was like Nicky's well explained. Your scribe was worth reading, and very easy to read. Keep it all up, like what Harbeck said, "keep aiming for that 100, 'cause you're getting it!"

    June 2, 2009 at 10:54 PM  

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