Kevin's Measures of Central Tendency

Sunday, September 28, 2008

  • Arrange in ascending order
  • Add all the data together, then divide the sum by the number of data
  • If there is an outlier in the data, it is not as accurate

  • Arrange in ascending order
  • Find the middle number
  • If there are two middle numbers, add them up and divide them in half
  • It is better to use the median than the mean when there is an outlier, because the median will cross it out

  • Arrange in ascending order
  • Find the number that occurs most
  • There can be more than one mode
  • There can also be no mode

  • Arrange in numerical order
  • Subtract the smallest data from the largest data
  • If the range is big, it can tell you that there probably is an outlier

Here is a video I found about MMM


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