Big Book of Algebra 2

Wednesday, December 31, 2008
john: Hey, Casey. What are you doing?
casey: I'm doing some math work, john.
john: Would you like some help?
casey: Yes, I would. My first question is n+3-5n+12. The answer I got is -6n+15.
john: That is incorrect.
john: it is actually -4n+15 because the positive n and one of the negative n cancel each other out
casey: oh i see, i have trouble with another question it 's ,2 + 4 bracket 3n+8 bracket.
john: what do you think the answer is ?
casey: i think it's 12n + 10 .
john: that's wrong it is 6n + 32.
casey: i see.
john: Well i got to go, nice talking to you casey.
casey: alright , bye john.

Pay- It- Forward

Friday, December 26, 2008
Over the winter break, Mr. Harbeck assigned an assignment. He told us to do something good for one person and in turn ask them to pay- it- forward. The goal is to make a signifance in someone's life. Karen and I teamed up to work on the project together. Plus, this would be a great opportunity to brainstorm with another person.
We decided to assist Karen's Godfather in taking care of his daughter, Dana. We both loved kids and babysitting. We knew Karen's Godfather and wife were overwhelmed with deadlines and the readiness of Christmas. We told Karen's god father that we could sit for Dana while him and his wife have a day to themselves. They agreed to this and we had arranged to baby-sit Dana on December 23th at Karen's house.

When we babysat Dana, we did not know how she would react to us. Her cousin and her friend taking care of her without her parents, was a dramatic change for her. But luckily for us she got used to this arrangement and got used to being around us for a few hours. After our babysitting session, we felt kind of tired and at the same time contented that we did something good for someone to make a change in their life.
Later, when Dana's parents came to pick her up, they asked us how to pay us for all of our hard work. We told them instead of paying us money, they could pay- it- forward. They were suprised that we rejected the thought of payment and confused about what paying- it - forward meant. We simply told them that paying it forward meant that you had to do a good deed for someone-else and in turn that person would do a good deed towards someone else. They were first suprised on what we wanted in return, then they understood what they had to do to pay us back.
And yes, one person can make a difference. Whether your big or small, old or young, rich or poor everyone can do their part and make a change. If everyone does a good deed then passes it on, more and more people will have the passion to do a good deed. Everyone can be a good samaratan and make this world a better place.

Winter break project! (Pay it forward)

Monday, December 22, 2008
Pay it forward

Over the winter break we were asked by our teachers to " pay it forward". Which means to do a random act of kindness and not ask for anything in return. So I did my brothers chores, and visited my Nana ( grandma). I also helped re- do my basement over the break . In the next few paragraphs I will explain how I did this!

So first I shoveled my 2 walk ways. I wore a hat, mittens, and a heavy jacket because it was really cold out. The first time I shoveled my sister helped me, because it wasn't that cold out. But the second time I shoveled was today and it was really cold out. But I didn't care because I was helping my brother out by shoveling for him. And I was also helping the mail woman because she can't deliver our mail if the our path has snow all over it! So here is a picture of me shoveling.

I also helped my parents with our basement. First I helped sand the walls in basement. Then we needed to clean up all the dust down there and vacuum everything. After that my sister and I had to clean all the walls with warm soapy water. That really hurt my arms . The next day we were ready to paint. I don't really know how to paint, so I only did some painting in my basement . After we painted , there was MORE cleaning! I had to crawl on the floor on a towel and clean up any paint that fell with a rag. Gross ! Sorry I don't have a picture of me doing this!

One day after I was done cleaning down stairs. I thought of my Nana and I thought she would like it if I would bake her cookies on a cold day. So my sister and I made her some oatmeal and pecan cookies. After they were made I phoned my Nana and asked her if it was okay if I could bring her something. And that it was a surprise! I packed the warm cookies in a container and my sister and I walked over there. She asked us to come in and talk. So we did, she told me how happy she was for thinking of her and that she loved me. Which is normal because she's my grandma. When we came home I felt really happy because all I could think of was that my Nana was happy because I thought of her. And that I did something nice for another person. Even if it was my grandma and not a stranger.

For my last act of kindness I volunteered to serve lunch for other people. The people I served were ones I know from my religion taking a 2 week course . So they weren't complete strangers :) Any ways when I got there I helped prepare the plates of food for the lunch. By the way we had Greek food it was really good! ^^. When the people came out , the other severs and myself would ask them if they would like any thing to drink or if they were enjoying the meal. This was a lot of fun because I got to catch up with a few friends that I haven't talk to in awhile. And when they were done eating they clapped for us, because we did a job on the food! Which was nice because they really appreciated the meal and the kind act. Over all it was really fun. Behind me is the place I severed at.

I really liked this project it was a lot of fun! :) I liked how it made us think of others before ourselves and it makes the world a little bit better. And like Mr. Harbeck says their are a lot of us grade 8 kids . So just imagine if we all help 3 people or even if we only helped 1 it still makes a difference. And it makes us happy because we made someone smile! Maybe this wasn't or first choice to do a random act of kindness over the holidays but I know I feel really happy for doing this. So thanks to all the teachers for assigning this project! And I hope everyone had a good break! <3

Can one person make a difference? Well yes they can! Just look at what all of the grade 8's have done. I'm sure that everyone who received that act of kindness , had a better day because of it.

Pay it Forward

Saturday, December 20, 2008
This year grade 8 students at Sargent Park school were asked to "Pay it Forward" over the winter break. Paying it forward means to do a random act of kindness "just because" and instead of getting paid back you tell the person that you helped to "pay it forward" (doing another random act of kindness just because). For pay it forward I decided to give to the Salvation Army because it helps those who need it the most. So, I did that and I was done but I still wanted to do some more. Eventually my dad had to snow blow our driveway (we have a snow blower and he uses that instead of a shovel) I decided to give him a hand by shoveling the walkways to our house as my second random act of kindness.

Once I was dressed in very warm clothing I went outside (along with my brother) and began to shovel. After I had finished shoveling the path to our back door I went to go see how my dad was doing. I then found out that the snow blower was broken (or something like wouldn't work...that's all I know). Needless to say I started to help him shovel our driveway. Once we had finished shoveling our entire backyard we started on the front (me doing from the beginning of our path to the stairs, my brother shoveling the veranda and my dad shoveling from the backyard to the front yard). Once we had finished with those jobs my dad began making a path in the snowbank in front of our house. He was using an icebreaker (not the gum mind you) to do so and he only had one so he sent my brother and I inside. Later, my dad came inside and thanked us both and I told him to "pay it forward". He just nodded and said okay (he probably assumed that I'd tell him to pay it forward).
So you see, anybody can make a difference in the world. All you need to do is give a little of your time to help somebody out. In this way we can all make a difference, especially if you tell the person that you helped to pay it forward and they tell the person they helped to pay it forward. In this way, that one little thing that you did adds up and makes the whole world a better place for everybody to live in. Thus, I encourage anybody who reads this to do at least one random act of kindness and to "pay it forward".

Big Book of Algebra 2

Thursday, December 18, 2008
Bob: Hey, i'm bob.
Borock Obama: Hey, i'm borock Obama.
Bob: May i ask you a question Borock Obama.
Borock Obama: Sure, I guess, but what is the question about ?
Bob: it's about Math.
Borock Obama: okay.
Bob: What is n+3-5n+12.
Borock Obama: negative 6n+15 .
Bob: Wrong, the answer is -4n+15
Borock Obama: How so ?
Bob: The first "n" means positive 1, and the second "n" is negative 5n. The positive and the negative integers cancel each other out leaving negative 4n . Canceling out the positive integer and the negative integer was your mistake.
Borock Obama: I see. Give me another question please, i'll get it correct.
Bob: okay, 2 + 4 bracket 3n+8 bracket .
Borock Obama: 12n + 10, i'm sure of it.
Bob: That's wrong again, the real answear is 6n + 32.
Borock Obama: How , i was so sure it was 12n + 10 .
Bob: You didn't use Distributive Property.
Borock Obama: Seriously !
Bob: Yea.
Borock Obama: Well i have to leave now , BYE !
Bob: Nice talking to you Borock Obama. Bye !

Great Big Book: Chapter 2 Combining like terms and Distributive Property

Julia: What do you think of my new uniform?

David: Quiet Julia I'm working.

Julia: What are you working on?

David: I'm trying to figure out these algebra questions I think I`ve got the answers.

Julia: Well then, let me check.

David: Fine, the first question is n+3-5n+12. My answer is -6n+15.

Julia: Well, I think your wrong, I think the answer is -4n+15

David: Really! How`d you get that?

Julia: Well first you have to use the distributive property like this: n+3-5n+12, n-5n+3+12, then you combine like terms like this: n-5n+3+12, -4n+15

David: Thanks Julia. The second question is: 2 + 4(3n+8), I got 12n + 10.

Julia: Well David, I guess you didn't listen in math class, because I think you're wrong again.

David: What do you mean? Show me.

Julia: Well first you do the you combine like terms like this 2+4(3n+8), 6(3n+8) then you get rid of the brackets by multiplying both the terms inside the brackets by six so you get 18n+48.

David: Wow thanks Julia, oh and nice uniform Julia.

Julia: Th...thanks David.

Chapter 2 : Great Big Book

Wednesday, December 17, 2008
Sally: Hey , Herbert!

Herbert: Hey Sally.

Sally: I had a math test today! I think i did VERY WELL!

Herbert: What questions were on the test Sally?

Sally: Well one question was N+3-5n+12. Thats pretty easy!

Herbert: Well , yes it is... If you know how to do it. How did you answer it?

Sally: Well i got -6n+15 ! It was really easy..

Herbert: Hmm , that does seem right. Well wouldnt it be -4+15

Sally: Well how did you get that?!

Herbert: Well , its simple. What i did was , I put the 2 variables together, so it was n-5n which is -4n and then i did 3+12 which is 15 so the answer would be -4n + 15.

Sally: are you sure?

Herbert: well im pretty sure it's correct , I took Advanced math!

Sally: Well you must be right then , but i must of got the next question right! 2 + 4(3n+8) and i got 12n plus 10 as my answer

Herbert: Hmm , well then Sally. I think you need some help with your math! That's not correct!

Sally: WHAT! It has to be. I thought I did good in math. Can you help me? What would the answer be?

Herbert: Well the question was , 2 + 4(3n+8) right? Well i would of done.. 4 times 3n which equals 12n. Then i would've done 4 times 8 which is 32. then i would've done. So now that you have 12n and 32 you would bring down the 2 + so the question is now 2+12n+32 then you would add 2+32 which is 34 then 12n. So your answer now is 12n+34! Do you get it?

Sally: YEAH ! I DO! Wow , i cant believe i made that mistake! Well thanks for your help!

Math movie!

Great Big Book Of Algebra ! (Ch.2)

Lara-Hello Jackie ! How's it going ?
Jackie-I'm doing good ! And You ?
Lara-Oh man ! I had soo much fun at school today !
Jackie-Really? Why was it soo fun ?
Lara-Because we learned about Algebra ! Didn't you take that in school today ?
Jackie-..I don't know.. I don't pay attention in school..
Lara-Wow.. Im disappointed..
Lara-Well, anyways.. I should teach you , it is quite fun to do !
Jackie- Okay.. fine! But I hope it is fun ..
Lara- Oh don't worry it will !
Lara-Okay, our first question is n+3-5n+12 !
Jackie-Okay let me think... hhmmm..
Jackie-well.. I think it is 6n+15 !
Lara- Haha , nice try Jackie , you were very close ! You see , -5 + n = -4 and 3 + 12 =15 .. so the answer would be -4n+15 !
Jackie- oh .. wow you really know your math huh ?
Lara-yes I do !
Lara-Okay let's do another question !
Jackie-Fine, fine !
Lara-alright, what is 2+4(3n+8)?
Jackie- uhm .. Isn't 12n+10 ?
Lara-Nice try.. again.
Lara- What you would do is ,4 times 3n is 12n. Then 4 times 8 is 32. 12 and 32,bring 2+ which is now 2+12n+32, then add 2+32 is 34. So now the question is, 12n+34 !
Jackie- WOW ! Very good Lara ! Thanks alot for helping me out.. Next math class I'll sure pay attenton thanks to you !


Here are my pictures to explain how to solve additive, subtractive, multiplicative, and divisive algebra questions !

1) Additive

2) Subtractive


4) Divisive

Alright ! That's all ! (:

Distributive property script

Men in Black Guy : HEY YOU !!!
Ninja : yes?
Ninja : This is true my friend
Men in Black : I think I can prove you wrong here look give me a random integers question.
Ninja : ok try to simplify this one n+3-5n+12
Men in Black : HAHAAAAAAA NOOOB simplified is -6n+15.
Ninja : wrong
Men in Black : what are you talking about? loser
Ninja : here let me explain, -5n + n = -4n & 3 + 12 = 15 so it is " -4n + 15
Men in Black : ohh i see my mistake well this one i think im flawless on it.
Ninja : haha we will see about that
Men in Black : you will see I have got this one right : D 2 + 4(3n+8) I think when its simplified it looks like this 12n + 10
Ninja : how did you get that?
Men in Black : well I x the 4 with the 3n and that = 12 n and then I x 2 and 3n and thats 6 and added the 4 to it.
Ninja : well I think it is 18n + 48 because 2+4 = 6 and then You x both the 3n and 8 by 6.
Men in Black : well lets leave it to other people to decide everything.

Math Movie

John: Argh...
Ray: What was that for?
Ray: Ehh... Algebra
Ray: All, I see. The OL' BREAKDOWN!
John: Ehh...
Ray: Is that all you're going to say.
Ray: Ill tell you what. I'll help you since its Chritmas
John: OKAY!
Ray: What's your first questions?
John: n+3-5n+12. I think the answer is -6n+15 (real answer is -4n+15, figure out now I got this )


N ( 5 4 3 2 1 ) P

Avery's Great Big Book of Algebra

Tuesday, December 16, 2008
Adding Integers (Haiku)
adding integers,
positive and negative,
adding with brackets.

Subtracting Integers (Haiku)
subtract integers,
never subtracting,
add the opposite.

Partitive Division (free verse)
is like dealing cards,
at times it can be hard.
once you know how many equal parts are in ,
2 groups when we have 6,
dealing cards will no longer be a jinx.

Quotative Division (free verse)
Quotative division is as simple as 1,2,3,
how many 2's are in 6 equally ?
the answer to this question is 3, obviously.

Make a rule (free verse)
when brackets kiss,
its a bad thing,
they multiply.
if you remember it,
your grades will fly,
if you want your grades to be high,
you must remember 2 simple rules,
when you multiply an odd amount of integers,
your product is a negative.
when you multiply an even amount of integers,
your product is a positive.
so just remember this,
when multiplying.
brackets kiss.

Scribe Post for Dec.16/08

Today in class our assignment was to correct our tests that we had yesterday. Here are 5 of the questions that I had problems with.

*How to get the simplified answer:
What I did was first I grouped like terms. I did 9a-4a and the answer I got to that question was 5a. Second I added a five to positive 5a. So when you do that your answer would be 5a+5.

*How to get the simplified answer:
The first thing I did to get the simplified answer was multiplied 5 by 4. When I did that I go 20x, then I multiplied 5 by 6.I got 30 when I did that. So I had 20x+30+3x. I added the like terms, which gave me,23x then I brought the 30 down. The simplified answer would be 23x+3o.

Six less then a number divided by 4 is 25
n-6/4 =25

Six less then triple a number is nine,

the difference of a number and six times 4 is 32

n =32

The next scribe post will be done Erika Espaldon. (: <3>HAHA

Scribe Post for December 15, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008
Since NO ONE is doing the scribe I will.
Because we never had a scribe for the past few days.
Anyways, today we had a Math Test.
I'm going to be answering some of the questions from the test.

To answer this question you will need to change the "Uh ohs"
to a positive. Then combine like terms. Then add the same
terms together
6x+ (+3x) + 2x-9
6x + 3x + 2x -9
= 11x - 9

To answer this question. You have to add +2 and -7. You get -14,
then combine like terms and add them together.
3x + 10x - 14
3x + 10x -14
= 13x -14

A number is divided by seven and then decreased by nine.

Six less than a number divided by 4 is 25.

These were some of the questions on the test.
Sorry, anyways there was no homework.
Except for the Chapter 2 script and xtranormal
thingy. Its due on December 19th.

December 10th Scribe Post

Wednesday, December 10, 2008
Today in Math class we learned about distributive property. We use the distributive property when we are multiplying more than 2 terms. Multiply each of the terms inside the brackets by the number outside the brackets.

Here are examples that we did in class with Mr. Harbeck.

Ex. 5(n-7) means five groups of (n-7)

5(n)= 5n
5(-7)= -35

Ex. 6(7+n) means six groups of (7+n)
6(7)= 42
6(n)= 6n

Ex. 6(2n+4) means six groups of (2n+4)
6(2n)= 12n
6(4)= 24

Here is the last example that we did in class.

Here are the questions and answers for p.7 in the pink booklet.

1. 3(4x+6)+7x

2. 7(2+3x)+8

3. 9+5(4x+4)

4. 12+3(8+x)

5. (7x+2)3+8x

6. 6(4x+7)+x

7. 3x+(2x+6)5

8. 4+6(7x+7)

9. 8+5(9+4x)

10. 6m+3(2m+5)+7

11. 5(m+9)+4+8m

12. 3m+2(5+m)+5m

13. 6m+14+3(3m+7)

14. 4(2m+6)+3(3+5m)

15. 5(8+m)+2(7+7m)

16. (2m+1)9+5(5m+3)

17. 7(7+5m)+(m+6)4

18. 2(9m+5)+8(6m+1)

For the next scribe I have chosen Tammra

december 10th scribe

today we learned about distributive property.
We used distributive property when you multiply more than 2 terms.
5(n-7)means five groups of (n-7)


The Great Big Book of Algebra

Tuesday, December 9, 2008
Adding integers
together they are combined
to make a number

multiplying,factoring, producting
repeated addition is fun

free verse
quotative division
all you do is find groups in a question
its as easy as multiplication
dividing them into equal groups
doing it is as fun as being with your troops

In an integer question you never subtract
That's one thing I can say is a true fact

free verse
Partitive is just sharing with a group,
like giving a group of people a card each
But it all has to be equal. If it doesn't
end up to work, then you use
multiplicative inverse.

brackets kiss they multiply
so don't start kissing.

CHAPTER 2 Combining like terms and distributive property

Swiper : Heey Boots!!, you want to learn about algebra

Boots: Sure

Swiper: wait.... do you even know what algebra is?

Boots: kind of, but im here to learn

Swiper: do you know n+3-5n+12. If you need my help all you do is ask.

Boots: Is it... -6n+15, I think thats the answer? is it?

Swiper: No thats wrong but nice try. Circle the variable then combine like terms so its easier.
Now simplify the question. Also n just means the number 1. sometimes you have to do it step by step. Soo.... What's n-5n?

Boots: is it -4?

Swiper: yes thats correct. How about 3 +12?

Boots: Thats easy ... 15

Swiper: put them together and you get??

Boots: -4n+15. Oh i get it thaanks a lot

Swiper: Do you think you can answer this question? 2+4(3n+8)

boots: First of all i knew the rule of multiplying intergers so i multiplied the 4 with 3 n's since there was a bracket. Thats how i got 12n+10 but i didn't know what to do with the other 2 numbers so i added them together

Swiper: the answer isn't 12n+10 its 12n+34 because you multiply 4 and 3n and you multiply 4 and 8 together then you just add 2 to 32 so it would be 12n+34

Boots: Thank you very much I learned many things. Ill see you later byee.

Swiper : No problem anytime. And keep in touch.

Robin's Great Big Book of Algebra

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Adding Integers (Haiku):

Adding Integers,

2 numbers equal the sum,

Easy thing to do.

Subtracting Integers (Cinquain):


Negatives, Minus.

Reducing, diminishing, less than.

Take away.

Partative Division (Free Verse):

How many equal parts are in 5 go into 10?

When you look at your barn doors you'll have an answer!

Quotative Division (Free Verse)

Quotative Divison is very easy,
if you don’t know the trick it will make you go crazy
the trick is how many of this goes into that,
after you know this you’ll be ready for combat

Rules for multiplying integers (Free Verse):

When brackets kiss they multiply,

The numbers will grow sky high,

Or grow the opposite to fall and die,

It`s so easy when you try.

Scribe Post for December 5th, 2008

Today in class we learned how to simplify equations with many variables. Mr. Harbeck taught us three steps to simplifying these kinds of equations. He also gave us homework but I’ll explain that to you later.

Variables AKA the letter
Constants AKA the integer

1st step: circle like terms
2nd step: group like terms
3rd step: simplify

Here are two examples he gave us: (sorry for no pictures from paint because I cant copy it and put it on this scribe for some reason)

6x + 9 +2x (circle the 6x and 2x)
6x + 2x +9 (this is where I grouped the like terms)
8x + 9 (this is the simplified version of the equation)

3t + 4u + 6t (circle 3t and 6t)
3t + 6t + 4u (the like terms are grouped)
9t + 4u (the simplified version)

Now our homework for today is on page 6 of the pink booklet.
I will do 5 questions for you from the top left corner box.
(Instead of circling I am going to underline the like terms)

E.6x + 9 + 2x
6x + 2x + 9
8x + 9
number 15 in the right column is the simplified equation for E

S.7 + 3x + 4
7 + 4 + 3x 3x + 11
number 25 in the right column is the simplified equation for S

O.8 + 2x + 7x
2x + 7x + 8
9x + 8
number 9 in the right column is the simplified equation for O

L.8x + 7 + 3x + 2
8x + 3x + 7 + 2
11x + 9
number 19 in the right column is the simplified equation for L

A.5x + x (both of these are like terms)
number 4 in the right column is the simplified equation for A

Hope you guys enjoy my scribe.

The next scribe is Avery Medina.

Richard's Big Book of Algebra

Friday, December 5, 2008
Haiku: Adding Integers
Adding Integers
I can add two integers
I know how to add

Cinquain :Subtracting Integers
less than subtracting means to reduce

Haiku: Multiplying
Multiplying Rocks
five multiplied by five
next comes dividing

Cinquain: Partitive Division
Divide in parts
equal parts, are in
Parts split up equally

Free verse: Quotitave Division
Quotitave division is like partitive
but in the same sense different
you need to understand it
to do your assingment.

Free verse: Multiplying rule/ Ron's rule
According to Ron when you multiply an odd number of negitive integers your product will be negitive, And when you multiply an even number of negitive integers you will get a product that is positive.

Chapter 2:
man-hey. how are you?
lady-I'm good but im having trouble with my math homework.
man-I can probably help you.
lady-okay...the first question is n+3-5n+12.
man-hmm..i think the answer is -6n+15.
lady-I don't think that is correct.The real answer is -4n+15 because you take away 1n to 5n which gives you 4n and then you add 3+12=15 thats how i got 4n+15.
man-good job i think i need to do more studying.
lady-i got one more question to solve... the question is 2 + 4(3n+8)
man-okay let me try this one...hmm the answer is 12n + 10.
lady-no, wrong again the answer is 18n+48 because 2+4=6 then 6*3n equals 18n and then u multiply 6*8 which give u 48...thats how i got the answer 18n+48.

go to this site:

The Great Big Book Of Algebra!

Chapter: 1
Integer Poems

Adding Integers (Haiku)

Easy thing to do,
Just combine the two numbers
to get the total

Subtracting Integers (Tanka)

Subtracting is fake,
It's all just a myth you see,
so don't be a fool,
All you got to do is add...

Partitive (Picture Poem)

Partitive are for questions
with a pair of positive
numbers or a negative
and positive situation, All
you got to do is take a sneak peak, look at the
second number, and make that number into
that many groups. It may sound hard at first,
and confusing but it's easy as pie! Now all you
need to do is ask..."How
many are in each group"
and... that's your answer!
Now...don't get confused!

Quotative (Free Verse...)

Quotatives are like partitives but different in a way,
Now let's take the time and ask what's 6 divided by 2?
By making a picture, we'll be sure to get it right.
But I'll warn you once the Quotatives are only used for positive
pairs and negative pairs. Make sure how to use them or else, you'll
make a big mistake you see. Now let's start by drawing 6 squares, and tell
me what's 2 groups of 6? You ponder for a second and looked at me in the eye,
You had this big grin telling me you know, so I'll ask you again "What's 2
groups of 6?" Then you answered it's 3 It's 3! So happily. I smiled back
and said, "That's right That's right!" but lets double check to make sure it's
right for it might be wrong. So let's use MULTIPLICATIVE INVERSE to
double check, so I asked "What's 3x2? You knew the answer right away
and shouted "It's 6!" Now we know what's 6 divided by 2 and learned
how to use Quotatives too, so let's rap this up by saying
"That wasn't that hard I suppose..."

Rule For Multiplying Integers (Free Verse...)

Multiplying integers, multiplying integers,what could that be?
adding is one thing and subtracting is another.
Let's think for a moment and wonder what it is,
I waited and waited for an answer to appear,
So there's no point in waiting for the answer to come,
so it's time to take action and figure it out.
I looked side to side, front to back, and high and
low, but the answer nowhere to be found!
Just when I was about to give up, a strong gust of wind
Blew, but how could that be, when I'm inside a room!
I closed my eyes hoping it's a dream but it's reality to me!
I'll counted to 10 to see what will happen,
but as soon as I said 1 the wind had cease,
wondering what happened I opened my eyes to see on
the grounda message for you and me. I read it out load
so that everyone could hear,
"OH dear friend who is in trouble, I will give you an answer
to what you look for so you better pay attention to what I have to say,
Multiplying integers is as easy as it can be, If only...
You know the rules to it though. I know you don't know so I'll
tell you now. Multiplying an even number of negative integers
the answer will be positive! It goes for the same as multiplying
an odd number of negative integers the answer will be odd.
So I hope you wrote this down so you wouldn't forget this lesson
I taught you to beginning to end. Remember that...
Negatives make a difference to all!"

Chapter 2:

Combining like terms and the Distributive Property

Kai: ...This is hard...
Shiki: What is?
Kai: My math homework.
Shiki: Oh really? Let me see it. I might be able to understand it.
Kai: Oh, okay. Here.
Shiki: Which one?
Kai: This one. Question 66, n+3-5n+12...It's about combining like terms... I don't really know what that is. Algebra is sure confusing...
Shiki: You dummy...This is so simple! The answer is -6n+15. It's so obvious!
Kai: Oh, thank-
???: WAIT!
Kai and Shiki: ???
???: That's wrong! That's wrong! Your the idiot around here! So stupid! What a dumb mistake!
Shiki: ...
Kai: Uh... Who are you?
???: Eh? Me? Well... My name is Airi! Nice to mee-
Shiki: Who are you calling an idiot! Go away you old hag! This is none of your business.
Airi: WHO ARE YOU CALLING AN OLD HAG! I'm only 15 you know! You're hurting my feelings...
Shiki: But it doesn't look like it... You're lying aren't you?
Airi: ME lying?!?! I never lie...except that time...and that time too.. and-
Shiki: See you ARE a liar.
Airi: No I'm-
The people around them: SSSHHHHHH!!!
Airi: heh, heh, heh...Sorry...
Kai: Um...Airi... You said that Shiki was wrong before...How come?
Airi: Well, first of all he-
Shiki: I am not wrong! Look, in n+3-5n+12, n+-5n=-6n and 3+12=15. So the answer is -6n+15. See, I'm the one with the brains around here. Unlike someone...
Airi: Ha! You're wrong! It goes like this! The question is n+3-5n+12, right? So then n+-5n=4n because n represents 1n. So a positive 1n then take away a negative 5n equals negative 4n. See? Then 3+12=15 so the answer is -4n+15.
Kai: I see!
Airi: Who has the brains now, I-DI-OT!
...I'm not convinced...yet...
Kai: Come on, just admit that you're wrong...
Shiki: Not in a million years! Who side are you on anyway?!?!
Kai: S...sides? But aren't you guys helping me with my home-
Airi: So you STILL think I'm an idiot?!?! Even though I explained it...geez you're head is thicker then I thought...
Shiki: Shut up!
Airi: You're the one who should shut up!
Kai: Ummm...guys-
Shiki: Me? Why me?
Airi: Why? Because you're an idiot. You're going to make your friend an idiot if you keep talking!
Kai: Ummm...Guys?
Shiki: WHY you...
Kai: GUYS!
Airi: ...
Shiki: W...What is it?
Kai: I'm stuck on a's about distributive property... The question is...
2+4(3n+8)... Do you guys know the answer?
Airi: ...
Shiki: ...
Airi: ! I know the answer!
Shiki: I know it, too! It's easy! really!
Airi: You think so? Then you go first. Let's hope you go the right answer THIS time...
Shiki: Yeah, I WILL get it this time...
Airi: Yeah you wish.
Shiki: Well the question this time is 2+4(3n+8) and this time it has those annoying brackets... When you have brackets you multiply... So you take the number in front of the bracket's which is 4 , so you multiply 4 by 3n. 4x3n=12n, right? Then you multiply 4 by 8. 4x8=32. So the answer would be 12n+32.
Kai: Wow! That's a good explanation! How about you Airi?
Airi: ... I got a different answer... did I do something wrong?
Shiki: Well of course you did, idiot.
Airi: Shut up! I don't need your sympathy!
Kai: So what did you get?
Airi: I got 12n + 10 as an answer. In 2+4(3n+8), I multiplied 4 and 3n, which equals 12n. Then I added 2 and 8 to get 10...
Shiki: Ah ha! You forgot to multiply 8 by 4! That was your mistake! Who is the idiot now?
Airi: Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!
Kai: All done! Thanks for help-
Shiki: Now we're even, but it's obvious that I'm the smart one...
Airi: Who said!
Kai: You guys sure get along pretty well with each other...
Airi and Shiki: Not with him/her! Not in a million years!
Kai: (sigh) Well it looks like it... Don't you think so too?

SORRY! I didn't know that you could only do 2 people only... I was kind of lazy to change the script so please don't get mix up that the people change. Their short clips so I hope you enjoy it.

Clip 1:

Clip 2:

Clip 3:

Clip 4:

Clip 5:

Clip 6:

Clip 7:

Clip 8:

Clip 9:

Chapter 3:
One step Equation Solving

Great Big Book of Algerba

Chapter # 1
Integer Poetry

Adding Integers : Tanka

We add integers,

Positives and negatives
If they are the same
Just combine them together.
Different signs,cancel each other

Subtracting Integers : Cinquain

Diminish,difference,less than.
We add the opposite.
Take away.

Partitive Division : Free Verse

How many equal parts are in,
4 groups when we have 12 ?
Julien knew that the answer to this was
to use partitive division

Julien drew 4 groups onto a paper.
and shared 12 so we could all have a piece,
and share together
Julien shared between himself,Timmy and Phill
2 for me,
2 for Timmy,
and one for Phill.

Oh wait we all like to share,
So Phill get another piece right ?
Julien is totally right.
so it really should be
2 for Timmy
2 for Phill
and 2 for Julien
That's me !

Yes now that sounds about right.
Sharing is caring,
isn't that right?
Yes it is.
Congratulations Julien !
Know you know you are right !

Quotative Division : Free Verse

How many parts of 5 fit into 10?

Its just a simple question,
that we ask ourselves,
when we do quotative Division.

Because Timmy asked himself,
dose the top fit into the bottom ?
Just like super he realised that,
sometimes there's a left over.
A whole piece is cut into 10Th's
Just so we can share.

Timmy could not figure it out.
How many times dose 5 fit into 10 ?
Mrs. Mitchel said,
"Timmy think of pie."
You get 2 pieces,
Jenny gets 2 pieces,
Nick gets 2 pieces,
Belle gets 2 pieces,
and so do I.

Make a Rule : Free Verse

In our class room we created a rule
We Proved to the class and created 2 rules
Number one shows us,
that when we multiply an odd,
amount of negative integers
your product must always be a negative.
Well what happens when we multuply ,
with positives ?
Well here goes rule number 2,

When we multiply an even amount,
of positive integers. Your sum must be
a negative ?
No you goof head.
Your sum must be a positive.
If you remember these 2 rules,
Just remember that we did the work,
and your will be sure to ace your homework,
You will really be great !

Chapter #2
Combinding like terms

Here is my script, for chapter 2.

Jobelle: Hey me and you are still having friends over right ?
Nick : For sure, I cant wait. All of us friends, just hanging out and having a good time. I'm excited.
Jobelle Lets make this interesting, are you down for a bet ?
Nick : Bring it on! You know that I am all ways going to win, so beating you again, i don't know why you all ways try. But I'm in the mood, so bring it on little Jobelle Bell !
Jobelle Okay well here's the deal, we both get 5 minutes
Nick : I already know I'm going to beat you , what do we have to do stay in a pool of cold ice for 5 minutes ?
Jobelle:No, stop being a fool, so we have 2 questions that we have to solve, math questions.
Nick : HA maybe you might beat me you nerd. Yeah right, in your dreams.
Jobelle: Okay so we have 5 minutes each question and who ever is right can just hang out at the party and get served like a king by the loser.
Nick : Dude I am already a king, but hey, getting treated extra special would be even better.
Jobelle: Yeah I wouldn't be so cocky if i were you, Nick. Nick : Okay so when are we doing this ?
Jobelle: When do you want to do it ?
Nick : As soon as possible, Because truly I need a back rub.
Jobelle: Okay, here's the first question. n+3-5n+12
Nick :Easy, as b-boying for me.
Jobelle: Just be quite and do it.
Nick : Okay fine

Jobelle: Okay well I am done!
Nick : Wait, you said 5 minutes, its only been 3
Jobelle: Okay
Jobelle:Well five is up.
Nick : okay. Jobelle Well I have -4n+15
Nick : Well I have 6n+15. So dude, who is right ?
Jobelle I am because look n+3-5n+12, first what I did was n-5n, that equals 4n. Next I did, 4n +3+12. I brought 4n down and added 3+13 together that's 15. So then you are ended up with -4n+15
Nick : Well I have 6n+15. My steps were n+-5n, and that gave me -6n then i added 12 and 3 together and i got 15. so that's how i got it.
Jobelle No that's wrong, that is a minus sign. So I am right. So one Jobelle. Zero Nick. The next question is 2+4(3n+8)

Nick: Well I am done now ! My answer is 34+18n.
Jobelle Well I have 12n+10. Nick: I am confident about this one so ill explain first. Well first I did 2 multiplied by 3n and I got 18n. Second I did 4 multiplied by 8, and when you do that you get 32. Then you just bring down the 2. So now I grouped like terms and I got 34+18n.
Jobelle: Well I got 12n+10 because I multiplied 4 by 3n. Next i added 8 and 3 together. So that gave me 12n+10.
Nick: No you are wrong. You have to multiply both, 4 by 3n and 4 by 8. Then you would have to just bring the 2 down, and then group like terms.
Jobelle: Okay. So I guess its one Jobelle and one Nick. So what are we going to do ?
Nick: I don't know. Hey lets just leave the questions and just both have fun! It was fun doing those questions, we should do it again sometime

Here is my video, I hope you like it.

Chapter #3

For chapter 3 our assigment was to make an integer video explaining how to do questions. We had 4 questions _________ and we were to show you how to solve for n. Here is the video Karessa and I created in class: