The Great Big Book of Algebra Camille

Thursday, December 4, 2008
Chapter one poetry

Adding - Diamante


plus, combined,
more than, sum ,total
added, all together, - less than, minus,
reduce, lesser, diminish,
take away, decreased by,

The rule for multiplying
When you multiply 2 positive integers your product
will always be positive too.
But when you add a negative number,
then you will start feeling blue.

In the world of integers minus is a mythical thing.
like when you find out about the tooth fairy,
there is no such thing.
You just add the opposite and don't have a fit.
Because now you home works done and so lets play
and have some FUN!

Ouotative division- free verse

One of me two of you

now we have a group of three!

one group 2 groups 3 groups 4

now where doing Quotative division


Lets go back to when were young

when sharing was a lot of FUN!

one for me one for you

until we have equal groups

of 2!


Camille: Hi Alex! what is the matter?

Alex: Well Camille I don't know how to combine like term!

Camille: would you like some help?

Alex: Yeah that would help a lot! :)

Camille okay lets try an easy question: n+3-5n+12. What do u think the answer is?

Alex: Well... ummm... (PAUSE) It might be -6n+15? Right?

Camille: how did you get that?

Alex: Well I know that n by itself means one so
I put all the n's together and -5n + n = - 6n. At least I think it does?

Camille: Well I got -4n +15 because the n is a positive

Alex: How is it positive?

Camille: Because it has no sign in front of it. So automatically makes it a positive number! So when you add a negative and positive together you have to have zero pairs, so 1-5 equals -4n.
okay! :)

Alex: okay I guess that makes sense.

Camille: Then my work here is done!

Alex: No I still don't get it just one more question okay ?

Camille: oh alright. 2 + 4(3n+8)

Alex: Okay I can do this : its 12n + 10.

Camille: Not exactly,

Camille: okay here are the steps I took : first multiply 4 by 3n then 4 by 8.

Alex: okay

Camille: so 4 multiplied by 3n is?

Alex: oh that's easy 12n!

Camille: then 4 multiplied by 8 is?

Alex: 32! :)

Camille:Right! so your first step would look like this: 4 x 3n / 4 x 8 okay then
you would have 12n + 32 then you would have to bring down the +2

Alex: okay then would you add the +2 to the 32?

Camille: Yeah so your answer would be...?

Alex: 12n + 34!!! :)

Camille: I think you've got it! :) Now my work here is done! ;p

Alex: thank you so much Camille for helping me!

Camille: Hey what are friends for.

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  1. Alexandra817 said...

    Yay , im first to comment! Awesome job Camille. I like colors. Everyone uses colors. GOOD JOB EVERYONE. Well Camille , I really like your poems! There all different and UNIQUE , like you! (: Keep up the good work!

    December 7, 2008 at 2:14 AM  

  2. Joysie 817 said...

    Hey, Camus! Lol.
    I really liked your poems. I liekd how they rhymed and how colourful they were.

    I found some errors though. For starters, you forgot your title. It was 'The Great Big Book Of Algebra'. And I think you made some minor spelling/ grammar errors, also. Oh, and it would be great if you got rid of that space between and beneath your poems.

    But other than that I think you did a fantastic job! ☺

    December 7, 2008 at 4:25 PM  

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