Chapter 2

Friday, December 5, 2008
(Haiku) - Adding Integers

Adding integers
Adding numbers together
It's really easy.

(Free Verse) - Subtracting
When you subtract a positive integer into a negative integer you get something wild .. like a tiger. His eyes are like fire, the number gets higher and higher like people singing in a choir. Sometimes i know its hard looking at the board and confuse, and you refuse and when the teachers asks you whats the answers is, you lose. You choke and say ' I don't know ' and Harbeck says ' Why won't you just show ' He said ' ok , let me do it my way, to get a positive integer, you gotta' be patient and think, not blink and just to sink from the bottom to the top, and when you finally realize the answer then that's when you stop. All you have to do is add the opposite, and when you add the opposite then that's it.

(Free Verse) Partitive
Partitive's easy, like taking candy from a baby. All you really have to do is divide and decide by dragging em' numbers into a group, and count how many times it'll get in.

(Tanka) Qoutative Division
Quotative Division
come on let's give it a try
just ..
it might be really hard
but but come on give it a try.

(Free Verse) Multiplying Integers
multiplying integers
our class created 2 rules to fallow
look at your equation.
how many negative integers do you have there
Mark it on a piece of paper
tell me ,
do you have a negative amount of integers ?
well if you do your sum must always be a negative
negative one or negative 102
or is it an even amount ?
well don't have a doubt
when you have an even amount ,
your sum must be a positive.

Great Big Book of Algebra, Chapter2.

John : Jennifer! wait up. Long time no talk man. Where have you been these days?
Jennifer : Just busy, since it's the holidays. The real question is, where have you been these days? ( They both laughed. )
John : Haha, pretty much the same. I'm just here to pick out some stuff for the family.
Jennifer : Oh i see, well I'm here alone, what about you?
John : Yeah, same here. My wife's at work, and the kids are at basketball practice.
Jennifer : Oh, they play basketball? Same with my daughter.
John : Oh really, well i gotta' get going. Need a ride?
Jennifer : Sure, thanks.
( In the car .. )
John : So where you off to now?
Jennifer : Well, i really have nothing to do at this moment.
John : Well, uhm. wanna' go out to eat? My treat ( He smiled)
Jennifer : Haha, sure.
John : Hey, i have these math questions that been bugging me for awhile, think you can help?
Jennifer : Yeah, no problem.
John : One of the questions is n+3-5n+12.
Jennifer : What do you think the right answer is?
John : I'm guessing its -6n+15
Jennifer : Whoa! How did you get that?!
John : Well, i think the letter 'n' means that the number is by itself, so i add them up together. and that's what i got.
Jennifer : Nice try, but i got -4n+15 because the letter 'n' means its a positive.
John : Wait, i don't get it. Hows it a positive?!
Jennifer : Well, i was taught that it was a positive because it had no signs in front of it, so it makes it a positive. Also when you add a negative number and a positive number you have to have 'zero pairs' so the answer is 1-5=-4n.
John : So if it does not have a sign, its a positive right a way?
Jennifer : Yes.
John : Jennifer, i have another question.
Jennifer, Okay what is it?
John : I really don't get this one. 2+4(3n+8)
John : But, according to my calculations i think the answer is 12n+10.
Jennifer : Not really, what you gotta' do is multiply.
John : What do you have to multiply?
Jennifer : You first have to multiply 4 by 3n. Remember what for the signs. Then 4 by 8.
John : And then?
Jennifer : So, whats the answer to 4 times 8?
John : Hm .. 32.
Jennifer : Right on. Your first steps would look something like this ' 4x3n ' ' 4x8 ' then just bring it down to 2. So all you really gotta do is add it up and see what you get. +2 to 32 = 34.
I guess that's.
John : Thanks for the help !


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