The Great Big Book of Algebra

Friday, December 5, 2008

Adding - Picture

putting numbers together
positive and negative

Subtracting - Haiku

Reducing numbers
Taking away integers
All the differences

The " Rule For Multiplying" - Free Verse

What can you learn thats easy as pie?
Well simply its learning to multiply.
If you multiply 2 positives here,
the answer will be positive dear.
If you multiply 2 negatives now,
the answer is still positive, wow!

Partitive Division - Free Verse

Partitive division is like playing cards,
it's really, actually not that hard.
Split up cards with groups of people,
but always remember they must be equal.

Quotative Division - Free Verse

Quotative division is quite easy,
if you listen this will go by breezy.
The key is how many of this goes into that,
trust me it's as easy as putting on a hat!

Chapter 2: Movie!

Sally: Hey , Herbert!

Herbert: Hey Sally.

Sally: I had a math test today! I think i did VERY WELL!

Herbert: What questions were on the test Sally?

Sally: Well one question was N+3-5n+12. Thats pretty easy!

Herbert: Well , yes it is... If you know how to do it. How did you answer it?

Sally: Well i got -6n+15 ! It was really easy..

Herbert: Hmm , that does seem right. Well wouldnt it be -4+15

Sally: Well how did you get that?!

Herbert: Well , its simple. What i did was , I put the 2 variables together, so it was n-5n which is -4n and then i did 3+12 which is 15 so the answer would be -4n + 15.

Sally: are you sure?

Herbert: well im pretty sure it's correct , I took Advanced math!

Sally: Well you must be right then , but i must of got the next question right! 2 + 4(3n+8) and i got 12n plus 10 as my answer

Herbert: Hmm , well then Sally. I think you need some help with your math! That's not correct!

Sally: WHAT! It has to be. I thought I did good in math. Can you help me? What would the answer be?

Herbert: Well the question was , 2 + 4(3n+8) right? Well i would of done.. 4 times 3n which equals 12n. Then i would've done 4 times 8 which is 32. then i would've done. So now that you have 12n and 32 you would bring down the 2 + so the question is now 2+12n+32 then you would add 2+32 which is 34 then 12n. So your answer now is 12n+34! Do you get it?

Sally: YEAH ! I DO! Wow , i cant believe i made that mistake! Well thanks for your help!


  1. linda 8-17 said...

    Hi Alex. First of all, you should get rid of all that extra space, and your picture poem doesn't resemble a picture. Centre that particular poem, and I think it'll resemble a plus sign. I think that was what you were goin' for there!
    Tehe. I liked your colourful poems! They complimented eachother nicely. The rhyming in your words were really interesting, and created a sort of beat to the poem. That's magnificent!

    - Ducky.

    - Ducky.

    December 7, 2008 at 1:23 AM  

  2. Joysie 817 said...

    Hi, Alex.
    Great poems! I really liked your use of colour and how you poems rhymed. And how you seperated your titles from the actual poem making it really easy to read.

    I found some mistakes though. Like in your first poem, the picture poem. I dont think that your poem looked like a plus sign. I think it really is a typo and probably can be fixed easily. Also, there is a lot of space in between the poems and under the poems. That can be fixed easily, too.

    But other than that, I'd say you did a great job! ☺

    December 7, 2008 at 4:10 PM  

  3. camille817 said...

    ALEX! you did a very awesome job on your poems!:) I liked the free verse
    "Rules for multiplying". I also enjoyed how you made the words rhyme in the Partitive division poem keep up the good work! ^^.

    -your Best Friend (JK)XD

    December 9, 2008 at 8:21 PM  

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