The Great Big Book of Algebra

Tuesday, December 9, 2008
Adding integers
together they are combined
to make a number

multiplying,factoring, producting
repeated addition is fun

free verse
quotative division
all you do is find groups in a question
its as easy as multiplication
dividing them into equal groups
doing it is as fun as being with your troops

In an integer question you never subtract
That's one thing I can say is a true fact

free verse
Partitive is just sharing with a group,
like giving a group of people a card each
But it all has to be equal. If it doesn't
end up to work, then you use
multiplicative inverse.

brackets kiss they multiply
so don't start kissing.

CHAPTER 2 Combining like terms and distributive property

Swiper : Heey Boots!!, you want to learn about algebra

Boots: Sure

Swiper: wait.... do you even know what algebra is?

Boots: kind of, but im here to learn

Swiper: do you know n+3-5n+12. If you need my help all you do is ask.

Boots: Is it... -6n+15, I think thats the answer? is it?

Swiper: No thats wrong but nice try. Circle the variable then combine like terms so its easier.
Now simplify the question. Also n just means the number 1. sometimes you have to do it step by step. Soo.... What's n-5n?

Boots: is it -4?

Swiper: yes thats correct. How about 3 +12?

Boots: Thats easy ... 15

Swiper: put them together and you get??

Boots: -4n+15. Oh i get it thaanks a lot

Swiper: Do you think you can answer this question? 2+4(3n+8)

boots: First of all i knew the rule of multiplying intergers so i multiplied the 4 with 3 n's since there was a bracket. Thats how i got 12n+10 but i didn't know what to do with the other 2 numbers so i added them together

Swiper: the answer isn't 12n+10 its 12n+34 because you multiply 4 and 3n and you multiply 4 and 8 together then you just add 2 to 32 so it would be 12n+34

Boots: Thank you very much I learned many things. Ill see you later byee.

Swiper : No problem anytime. And keep in touch.


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