Winter break project! (Pay it forward)

Monday, December 22, 2008
Pay it forward

Over the winter break we were asked by our teachers to " pay it forward". Which means to do a random act of kindness and not ask for anything in return. So I did my brothers chores, and visited my Nana ( grandma). I also helped re- do my basement over the break . In the next few paragraphs I will explain how I did this!

So first I shoveled my 2 walk ways. I wore a hat, mittens, and a heavy jacket because it was really cold out. The first time I shoveled my sister helped me, because it wasn't that cold out. But the second time I shoveled was today and it was really cold out. But I didn't care because I was helping my brother out by shoveling for him. And I was also helping the mail woman because she can't deliver our mail if the our path has snow all over it! So here is a picture of me shoveling.

I also helped my parents with our basement. First I helped sand the walls in basement. Then we needed to clean up all the dust down there and vacuum everything. After that my sister and I had to clean all the walls with warm soapy water. That really hurt my arms . The next day we were ready to paint. I don't really know how to paint, so I only did some painting in my basement . After we painted , there was MORE cleaning! I had to crawl on the floor on a towel and clean up any paint that fell with a rag. Gross ! Sorry I don't have a picture of me doing this!

One day after I was done cleaning down stairs. I thought of my Nana and I thought she would like it if I would bake her cookies on a cold day. So my sister and I made her some oatmeal and pecan cookies. After they were made I phoned my Nana and asked her if it was okay if I could bring her something. And that it was a surprise! I packed the warm cookies in a container and my sister and I walked over there. She asked us to come in and talk. So we did, she told me how happy she was for thinking of her and that she loved me. Which is normal because she's my grandma. When we came home I felt really happy because all I could think of was that my Nana was happy because I thought of her. And that I did something nice for another person. Even if it was my grandma and not a stranger.

For my last act of kindness I volunteered to serve lunch for other people. The people I served were ones I know from my religion taking a 2 week course . So they weren't complete strangers :) Any ways when I got there I helped prepare the plates of food for the lunch. By the way we had Greek food it was really good! ^^. When the people came out , the other severs and myself would ask them if they would like any thing to drink or if they were enjoying the meal. This was a lot of fun because I got to catch up with a few friends that I haven't talk to in awhile. And when they were done eating they clapped for us, because we did a job on the food! Which was nice because they really appreciated the meal and the kind act. Over all it was really fun. Behind me is the place I severed at.

I really liked this project it was a lot of fun! :) I liked how it made us think of others before ourselves and it makes the world a little bit better. And like Mr. Harbeck says their are a lot of us grade 8 kids . So just imagine if we all help 3 people or even if we only helped 1 it still makes a difference. And it makes us happy because we made someone smile! Maybe this wasn't or first choice to do a random act of kindness over the holidays but I know I feel really happy for doing this. So thanks to all the teachers for assigning this project! And I hope everyone had a good break! <3

Can one person make a difference? Well yes they can! Just look at what all of the grade 8's have done. I'm sure that everyone who received that act of kindness , had a better day because of it.


  1. Alexandra817 said...

    Heres your first comment! (: Good job Camille. You did a fantastic Job! You did a lot of work over the winter break. I`m very proud!
    Did you have fun with you Nana? Hope you did! Well actually I hope you had fun all winter break!
    Again , good job!

    January 8, 2009 at 10:22 PM  

  2. courtneyc 8-17 said...

    MILLA ! (:
    Lol, this is a reeeally LATE comment!
    As Alex said, You did a lot over the break, and thats very generous of you !!
    But, I hope you had a great winter break ! (:
    - CC >

    January 24, 2009 at 1:25 PM  

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