The Great Big Book Of Algebra!

Friday, December 5, 2008
Chapter: 1
Integer Poems

Adding Integers (Haiku)

Easy thing to do,
Just combine the two numbers
to get the total

Subtracting Integers (Tanka)

Subtracting is fake,
It's all just a myth you see,
so don't be a fool,
All you got to do is add...

Partitive (Picture Poem)

Partitive are for questions
with a pair of positive
numbers or a negative
and positive situation, All
you got to do is take a sneak peak, look at the
second number, and make that number into
that many groups. It may sound hard at first,
and confusing but it's easy as pie! Now all you
need to do is ask..."How
many are in each group"
and... that's your answer!
Now...don't get confused!

Quotative (Free Verse...)

Quotatives are like partitives but different in a way,
Now let's take the time and ask what's 6 divided by 2?
By making a picture, we'll be sure to get it right.
But I'll warn you once the Quotatives are only used for positive
pairs and negative pairs. Make sure how to use them or else, you'll
make a big mistake you see. Now let's start by drawing 6 squares, and tell
me what's 2 groups of 6? You ponder for a second and looked at me in the eye,
You had this big grin telling me you know, so I'll ask you again "What's 2
groups of 6?" Then you answered it's 3 It's 3! So happily. I smiled back
and said, "That's right That's right!" but lets double check to make sure it's
right for it might be wrong. So let's use MULTIPLICATIVE INVERSE to
double check, so I asked "What's 3x2? You knew the answer right away
and shouted "It's 6!" Now we know what's 6 divided by 2 and learned
how to use Quotatives too, so let's rap this up by saying
"That wasn't that hard I suppose..."

Rule For Multiplying Integers (Free Verse...)

Multiplying integers, multiplying integers,what could that be?
adding is one thing and subtracting is another.
Let's think for a moment and wonder what it is,
I waited and waited for an answer to appear,
So there's no point in waiting for the answer to come,
so it's time to take action and figure it out.
I looked side to side, front to back, and high and
low, but the answer nowhere to be found!
Just when I was about to give up, a strong gust of wind
Blew, but how could that be, when I'm inside a room!
I closed my eyes hoping it's a dream but it's reality to me!
I'll counted to 10 to see what will happen,
but as soon as I said 1 the wind had cease,
wondering what happened I opened my eyes to see on
the grounda message for you and me. I read it out load
so that everyone could hear,
"OH dear friend who is in trouble, I will give you an answer
to what you look for so you better pay attention to what I have to say,
Multiplying integers is as easy as it can be, If only...
You know the rules to it though. I know you don't know so I'll
tell you now. Multiplying an even number of negative integers
the answer will be positive! It goes for the same as multiplying
an odd number of negative integers the answer will be odd.
So I hope you wrote this down so you wouldn't forget this lesson
I taught you to beginning to end. Remember that...
Negatives make a difference to all!"

Chapter 2:

Combining like terms and the Distributive Property

Kai: ...This is hard...
Shiki: What is?
Kai: My math homework.
Shiki: Oh really? Let me see it. I might be able to understand it.
Kai: Oh, okay. Here.
Shiki: Which one?
Kai: This one. Question 66, n+3-5n+12...It's about combining like terms... I don't really know what that is. Algebra is sure confusing...
Shiki: You dummy...This is so simple! The answer is -6n+15. It's so obvious!
Kai: Oh, thank-
???: WAIT!
Kai and Shiki: ???
???: That's wrong! That's wrong! Your the idiot around here! So stupid! What a dumb mistake!
Shiki: ...
Kai: Uh... Who are you?
???: Eh? Me? Well... My name is Airi! Nice to mee-
Shiki: Who are you calling an idiot! Go away you old hag! This is none of your business.
Airi: WHO ARE YOU CALLING AN OLD HAG! I'm only 15 you know! You're hurting my feelings...
Shiki: But it doesn't look like it... You're lying aren't you?
Airi: ME lying?!?! I never lie...except that time...and that time too.. and-
Shiki: See you ARE a liar.
Airi: No I'm-
The people around them: SSSHHHHHH!!!
Airi: heh, heh, heh...Sorry...
Kai: Um...Airi... You said that Shiki was wrong before...How come?
Airi: Well, first of all he-
Shiki: I am not wrong! Look, in n+3-5n+12, n+-5n=-6n and 3+12=15. So the answer is -6n+15. See, I'm the one with the brains around here. Unlike someone...
Airi: Ha! You're wrong! It goes like this! The question is n+3-5n+12, right? So then n+-5n=4n because n represents 1n. So a positive 1n then take away a negative 5n equals negative 4n. See? Then 3+12=15 so the answer is -4n+15.
Kai: I see!
Airi: Who has the brains now, I-DI-OT!
...I'm not convinced...yet...
Kai: Come on, just admit that you're wrong...
Shiki: Not in a million years! Who side are you on anyway?!?!
Kai: S...sides? But aren't you guys helping me with my home-
Airi: So you STILL think I'm an idiot?!?! Even though I explained it...geez you're head is thicker then I thought...
Shiki: Shut up!
Airi: You're the one who should shut up!
Kai: Ummm...guys-
Shiki: Me? Why me?
Airi: Why? Because you're an idiot. You're going to make your friend an idiot if you keep talking!
Kai: Ummm...Guys?
Shiki: WHY you...
Kai: GUYS!
Airi: ...
Shiki: W...What is it?
Kai: I'm stuck on a's about distributive property... The question is...
2+4(3n+8)... Do you guys know the answer?
Airi: ...
Shiki: ...
Airi: ! I know the answer!
Shiki: I know it, too! It's easy! really!
Airi: You think so? Then you go first. Let's hope you go the right answer THIS time...
Shiki: Yeah, I WILL get it this time...
Airi: Yeah you wish.
Shiki: Well the question this time is 2+4(3n+8) and this time it has those annoying brackets... When you have brackets you multiply... So you take the number in front of the bracket's which is 4 , so you multiply 4 by 3n. 4x3n=12n, right? Then you multiply 4 by 8. 4x8=32. So the answer would be 12n+32.
Kai: Wow! That's a good explanation! How about you Airi?
Airi: ... I got a different answer... did I do something wrong?
Shiki: Well of course you did, idiot.
Airi: Shut up! I don't need your sympathy!
Kai: So what did you get?
Airi: I got 12n + 10 as an answer. In 2+4(3n+8), I multiplied 4 and 3n, which equals 12n. Then I added 2 and 8 to get 10...
Shiki: Ah ha! You forgot to multiply 8 by 4! That was your mistake! Who is the idiot now?
Airi: Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!
Kai: All done! Thanks for help-
Shiki: Now we're even, but it's obvious that I'm the smart one...
Airi: Who said!
Kai: You guys sure get along pretty well with each other...
Airi and Shiki: Not with him/her! Not in a million years!
Kai: (sigh) Well it looks like it... Don't you think so too?

SORRY! I didn't know that you could only do 2 people only... I was kind of lazy to change the script so please don't get mix up that the people change. Their short clips so I hope you enjoy it.

Clip 1:

Clip 2:

Clip 3:

Clip 4:

Clip 5:

Clip 6:

Clip 7:

Clip 8:

Clip 9:

Chapter 3:
One step Equation Solving


  1. Joysie 817 said...

    Hey, Kim. I liked how you used colour and chose your words. I loved your poems! Especially the Rule For Multiplying Integers (Free Verse...)Poem. Your picture poem was great! I liked how it gave the appearance of a plus sign. It looked like you took you time with that one.

    I can't find any errors or anything that you can improve on to make your post perfect, because it is perfect!

    And once again, Great Job!

    December 6, 2008 at 6:42 PM  

  2. Karen 8-17 said...

    Whoa! Fantastic! I really like your use of color.
    Your poems are amazing and long. I like your rule for multiplying integers and quotative poem, they're both long and great. I also like your picture poem and how you made it look like a plus sign. You did an awesome job!
    btw, no errors-KOODOS!

    December 6, 2008 at 7:41 PM  

  3. linda 8-17 said...

    HI KIM! Ducky here, as you can see :P Well ... not really, but you get the point! I decided to talk about each poem indivigually, because well ... quite frankly, your poems are huge! But that is a good thing. (Y) Now ... onto the commenting, the DUCKY-esque way! :)

    Your adding integers haiku was very interesting! It was good that you used punctuation! Most people don't do that, so good for you! The colour you chose is very inviting, I like it!

    The subtracting integers tanka poem was done exceptionally well! I think you could've been a bit more specific about "adding the opposite" but of course, it is a tanka poem, so I think that that particular poem has one of those syllable rules. Darn those. :\ The coloured text is nice, it is the chosen colour!

    WOWOWEE! I really like your picture poem! It's shaped like a POSITIVE SIGN! That must've taken you quite some time, and I know because I've tried that! & trust me...the result was not pretty. So, I respect your effort! I think it might've been a bit easier on your hard working typing fingers if you had just taken a picture instead, and had just wrote it down on paper... But eh, that's just me! I feel you explained partitive division quite well, so that's GOOD GOOD GOOD!

    I LIKE YOUR QUOTATIVE POEM! HOT DOG, THAT WAS COOL! The idea of using an example was clever, so I envy you!

    WOWZERS. Your last poem (Rule for Multiplying) was written as if it were a story! I thoroughly enjoyed your poem. Kind of makes you think of "Last, but not least". I wonder why they say that. Where the heck do they get "least" from? Is it because it has an "L" like in "Last"? I don't know. Well, I'm getting side-tracked here. This poem was very helpful! I think years and years later, little kids who'll have grown up a bit will remember this poem, and learn the multiplying rule. The KimC way. :)

    - Ducky.

    December 7, 2008 at 12:58 AM  

  4. Breann 8-17 said...

    Great Job Kim . i did not see any mistakes . And the color you choose was great and what you did with the title was really great!

    December 9, 2008 at 9:46 AM  

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