Big Book of Algebra 2

Wednesday, December 31, 2008
john: Hey, Casey. What are you doing?
casey: I'm doing some math work, john.
john: Would you like some help?
casey: Yes, I would. My first question is n+3-5n+12. The answer I got is -6n+15.
john: That is incorrect.
john: it is actually -4n+15 because the positive n and one of the negative n cancel each other out
casey: oh i see, i have trouble with another question it 's ,2 + 4 bracket 3n+8 bracket.
john: what do you think the answer is ?
casey: i think it's 12n + 10 .
john: that's wrong it is 6n + 32.
casey: i see.
john: Well i got to go, nice talking to you casey.
casey: alright , bye john.


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