The Great Big Book of Algebra

Thursday, December 4, 2008
Chapter 1: Integer Poetry

Adding Integers
Combined, Increased
Plusing, Gaining
Has a plus sign
Subtracting Integers
Four minus 4=0
Five minus 5=0
(It is shaped like a minus sign)

Partitive Division
Partitive divide
Answers to give a quotient
You divide numbers

Quotative Division
Free Verse Poetry

Quotative division is how many groups of this is in this
When I think of that i would want to take off my hat
When there are negatives I change them into positives
I do this because it is easier and more squeezier
Quotative Division is not as hard as Partitive Divison
Because you don't have to explain a lot.
You can take the drawings and cook them in a pot.

The "Rule for Multiplying" integers
Free Verse Poetry
Once upon a time, there lived a shoe
That shoe liked to eat tofu
One day,when he was sitting on his porch
He saw a sock with a torch
Shoe approached the thing
And the sock was about to sing
It was singing,"When you multiply an even amount of negative integers the product is positive."
Shoe understood what he said and asked for the other rule instead
It sang,"When you multiply an odd amount of negative integers the product is negative"
Shoe was amazed by these rules, he decided that he would teach fools
Shoe taught many things about these rules that sock sang
Then there was a BANG!
Shoe was dead, sock had killed him!

Chapter 2:Combining like terms and the Distributive Property
Hobo:Excuse me, do you have any spare change for me?
Cory:No, I'm sorry man, I only have enough for my lunch.
Hobo:Its alright. So you going to school?
Cory:Yes, I am on my way to get educated. Why are you asking?
Hobo:Oh, I was just wondering. Don't ruin your life because you will become like me.
Cory:Oh I see. Do you want to learn some math? I have 2 questions for you.
Hobo: Sure, what is the first question?
Cory:It is n+3-5n+12. All you need to do is simplify it for me please.
Hobo:Oh ok then. Lets see, if I combine the like terms and do this and that I would get -6n+15 as my answer. I'm sure of it.
Cory:I'm sorry dude but the answer you came up with is wrong. See you have to combine the like terms which are n and -5n. The answer should be -4n. Next, you should combine 3 and 12 and you would get the sum of 15. When you do all of this thinking, you should get -4n+15 as the simplified form of n+3-5n+12.
Hobo:Wow, you are smart kid! You, showed me up for sure man. Thanks for teaching me how to do this question. Now, what is the other question, hopefully I get this one right.
Cory: Thank you and your very welcome. I'm glad you learned a lot form just that one question. The next question is 2+4(3n+8). This question has to do with distributive property. Good luck!
Hobo:Hmm, this is a hard question but I am thinking the answer is 12n+10. Please tell me I got this question right.
Cory:I'm sorry to burst your bubble again dude. First, you need to find the distributive property which is 4(3n+8). When you multiply 4 and 3n you get 12n and if you multiply 4 and 8 you get 32. Now, the question should be 2+12n+32. Next you combine the like terms which in this case is 2 and 32. The sum should be 34. The simplified form of the question should be 12n+34. You feeling me right now?
Hobo: Oooooh, so I needed to multiply 8 and 4 too. That's what I forgot to do.
Cory:You are exactly right buddy boy.
Hobo: I learned a lot today. Thanks kid.
Cory:Anytime buddy. Hey, I just found a 100 dollar bill in my back pocket. Here you go, you can have it.
Hobo:Thank you very much kid.
Cory:No problem. I'm going to get on my way now. Good bye.
Hobo:Have a nice day!

Chapter 3: One Step Equation solving
Adding Question

In an addition question you have to add the opposite which in this case is -3. When you do this, the two opposites will cancel each other out. Then you find the value of N.

Subtraction Question

This subtraction question has the same explanation as the adding question.
Multiplication Question

This multiplication question may look hard but it is very easy. You divide the n's by how many n's are there and you do the same to the answer. Then you should find the value of n.
Division Question

This question is hard to explain and when I find out how to explain it i will update on this.
Chapter 4


  1. Kevin 8-17 said...

    Great poems Rinorm! I liked that last one, it's really random, but it's funny, haha.

    December 4, 2008 at 10:21 PM  

  2. camille817 said...


    Good job on your poems they're very...ummm interesting! I like the last one its funny:) keep up the good work! ^^.

    December 5, 2008 at 5:22 PM  

  3. Joysie 817 said...

    Great Poems! I liked your last one the best. I liked how it rhymed and how it came together. And I also liked how you made the titles blue. It really made it stand out.

    I found some minor spelling/ grammar mistakes, though. And there was a lot of space between the poems which I think can be fixed easily. And it wouldn't hurt to add some colour.

    But other than that, I thin k you did a great job. ☻

    December 7, 2008 at 4:15 PM  

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