Pay it Forward

Saturday, December 20, 2008
This year grade 8 students at Sargent Park school were asked to "Pay it Forward" over the winter break. Paying it forward means to do a random act of kindness "just because" and instead of getting paid back you tell the person that you helped to "pay it forward" (doing another random act of kindness just because). For pay it forward I decided to give to the Salvation Army because it helps those who need it the most. So, I did that and I was done but I still wanted to do some more. Eventually my dad had to snow blow our driveway (we have a snow blower and he uses that instead of a shovel) I decided to give him a hand by shoveling the walkways to our house as my second random act of kindness.

Once I was dressed in very warm clothing I went outside (along with my brother) and began to shovel. After I had finished shoveling the path to our back door I went to go see how my dad was doing. I then found out that the snow blower was broken (or something like wouldn't work...that's all I know). Needless to say I started to help him shovel our driveway. Once we had finished shoveling our entire backyard we started on the front (me doing from the beginning of our path to the stairs, my brother shoveling the veranda and my dad shoveling from the backyard to the front yard). Once we had finished with those jobs my dad began making a path in the snowbank in front of our house. He was using an icebreaker (not the gum mind you) to do so and he only had one so he sent my brother and I inside. Later, my dad came inside and thanked us both and I told him to "pay it forward". He just nodded and said okay (he probably assumed that I'd tell him to pay it forward).
So you see, anybody can make a difference in the world. All you need to do is give a little of your time to help somebody out. In this way we can all make a difference, especially if you tell the person that you helped to pay it forward and they tell the person they helped to pay it forward. In this way, that one little thing that you did adds up and makes the whole world a better place for everybody to live in. Thus, I encourage anybody who reads this to do at least one random act of kindness and to "pay it forward".


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