Great Big Book: Chapter 2 Combining like terms and Distributive Property

Thursday, December 18, 2008
Julia: What do you think of my new uniform?

David: Quiet Julia I'm working.

Julia: What are you working on?

David: I'm trying to figure out these algebra questions I think I`ve got the answers.

Julia: Well then, let me check.

David: Fine, the first question is n+3-5n+12. My answer is -6n+15.

Julia: Well, I think your wrong, I think the answer is -4n+15

David: Really! How`d you get that?

Julia: Well first you have to use the distributive property like this: n+3-5n+12, n-5n+3+12, then you combine like terms like this: n-5n+3+12, -4n+15

David: Thanks Julia. The second question is: 2 + 4(3n+8), I got 12n + 10.

Julia: Well David, I guess you didn't listen in math class, because I think you're wrong again.

David: What do you mean? Show me.

Julia: Well first you do the you combine like terms like this 2+4(3n+8), 6(3n+8) then you get rid of the brackets by multiplying both the terms inside the brackets by six so you get 18n+48.

David: Wow thanks Julia, oh and nice uniform Julia.

Julia: Th...thanks David.


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