The Great Big Book of Algebra

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Chapter 1

Tanka-Subtracting Integers

We never subtract.
subtracting is just a myth,
so follow this rule.
When we subtract integers
we just add the opposite

Free Verse Poetry- Rule for Multiplying Integers

There are rules for multiplying integer,
but I'll just tell you one.
when you multiply 2 postive integers
you always get a positive product.
Now wasn't that fun!

Picture Poetry- Partative Divison


It's really really fun you never use a zero pair or you
will get none! I'll give you one example so open up your
ears. Prtend we have this question: 6 divided by 2.
Just remember this phrase and it will help you.
How many equal parts are in two groups when we have 6?


Cinquan- Adding Integers

Positive, negative,
increasing, combing, gaining,
use have and owe,

Free Verse- Quotative Division

There once was a guy named Tree,
as happy as could be!
Until he got bitten by a flea.
The flea asked what is quotative divison?
Tree said you use it to divide integers you see.
First, we have a six and a two
Think about it gives me the fleu!
How many 2s are in 6? The answer is 3.
The flea said thank you tree,
and flew away as happy as could be!

Chapter 2

The Script

Smitty: Hey, Bob. How is it going?
Bob:It's going very bad because I got 1/1500 on my math exam. I have to repeat the 12th grade now.
Smitty:WOW! That's bery good to hear. Unlike you I got 100% on that exam. It is very easy if you comine like terms and find the distributive property.
Bob:Hey, that's a very good idea. I forgot about all that. There were 2 questions that I was stuck on. The first question I got stuck on was n+3-5n+12. The answer I came up with -6n+15.
Smitty:Well that is totally wrong No wonder you got 1/1500.
Bob:can you tell me how to do it correctly please? I will love you forever if you do.
Smitty:Well, no thanks. I would if you fart really loud.
Bob:OK, fine.(Bob farts). Are you happy now?
Smitty:LOL. That was halarious. Now I will teach you how to answer that question. First you circle the variables. In this question you circle n and -5n. Then, you must put them beside each other. The constant which means integer will be after the variables. In this situation the constants are 3 and 12.You must add the variable together. So n + -5n will equal -4n. Then you add 3 and 12 together which will give you 15. Then the answer should be -4n+15. You added the variables wrong.
Bon: OMG. You are so smart. the second question is 2+4(3n+8). I got an answer of 12n+10. Am I correct?
Smitty:No you are not. First you must identify the distributive property. It is 4(3n+8). Then you times 4 by 3n. You should get 12n. Then you times 4 by 8 which is 32. Then you should have an equation like this. 12n+32+2. You add 32+2 together. Your final answer should be 12n+34.
Bob:Cool. Thankls for correcting me. You are a great friend.
Smitty:You're welcome!!!

Chapter 3 One step Equation Solving

Chapter 4


  1. tammra817 said...

    Hello Mark,nice blog.
    the color realy stands out.
    Its pretty good.

    GREAT JOB!!!!

    December 4, 2008 at 5:48 PM  

  2. Joysie 817 said...

    Good Job, Mark! I really liked how you used colour and how you rhymed almost all of your poems. It really helped me undertand what we had to do with this assignment. Thanks!

    December 4, 2008 at 6:50 PM  

  3. linda 8-17 said...

    HI MARK! I noticed some spelling errors you might want to rectify.
    Here in your free verse poem you stated...
    "There are rules for multiplying integer,"
    It should be "There are rules for multiplying integers" With an "S"!
    You've been spelling partitive incorrectly.
    In your partitive division poem, you misspelled "pretend"

    Now, I'm done with the negativity, and I'm onto the positives! HA, isn't that punny? Because we're learning about integers? Positives? Haha...

    I like the colours you chose, and the way you used them. They greatly complimented eachother, and that was a major PLUS :) In my oppinion, I think that the last poem (your free verse) was the best one! I think so, because it was the one that rhymed, and had a cool tune. Pas mal, mon ami :)

    - DUCK .

    December 4, 2008 at 9:26 PM  

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