Skills Assignment #4

Wednesday, May 6, 2009
Today in Skills, we have one more skill post and we have to find at least 4-5 different ways and what is the meaning of Reciprocal. So I got 4 different ways, I'll show you it in pictures. Here is one way.

Reciprocal: Also called Multiplicative inverse Mathematics. the ratio of unity to a given quantity or expression; that by which the given quantity or expression is multiplied to produce unity

The Ratio table!

Theirs Also another step with Ratio but its kinda confusing on this. You just change the Part R (N and D backwards ) Like 3/4 and you times for divide like divide by 3 and times 4

Next is pictures!

K well this is my last one and I think this will be the easy one! Its call something in Reciprocal.


Okay that's all the things I know how to find the answers! Sorry if I might get some wrong showing!


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