Vincent Hoang Last Fraction Post

Friday, May 8, 2009
Today in Math, Mr. Herbeck told us to show all your fraction unit from adding to dividing. I got 2 adding 1 subtracting, 2 multiply and 2 divide. I also got 2 more word problems to show you. I didn't use paint to do this because it might take me a really long time, so i did it in paper. Its really colorful! Well lets get started! I'll show you the 2 addings. Ones mix and one is not.

Adding Fraction

Adding mix fraction!

Subtract fraction!

Well those are the step 1. Now for step 2 witch Multiplying fractions. I got 2 and I bet you know! That's right, 1 mix and 1 that is not mix.

Multiplying Fractions

Multiplying Mixed Fraction

K now the step 3! The 2 last dividing!

Dividing Mixed Fraction

Divide Fraction

Step 4, the last one. Its the word problem. Mr.Herbeck told us to pick 2 word problems from the post so i did. Here are the question and answer

Problem 2!

Problem 3


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