Scribe Post For November, 10. 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008
Today in class we talked about multiplying integers again. But instead of adding more things to our booklet with two sides on it, we were assigned to do some practice on it. For our practice, we had to page five, questions one to twelve, and what patterns we see on questions thirteen and fourteen. We also had to pick four questions out of the 12 questions that we had to do and draw a diagram to support our answer. Then we were asked to make a rule on what the product will be when we multiply certain integers together. It kind of looked like this....

Make a rule!

When I multiply.....

1.(-)(-)= 5.(+)(-)=

2.(-)(-)(-)= 6.(+)(-)(-)=

3.(-)(-)(-)(-)= 7 .(+)(-)(-)(-)(-)=


If you can't figure out what it is these are the answers.

1. +
2. -
3. +
4. -
5. +
6. +
7. -

These are some of the questions and answers for the questions in the green booklet.

1. (3)(9)=27

This question equals to this answer because the answer is just simply saying what is 3 times nine.

2. (-11)(4)= (-44)

This question equals to this answer because a negative times a positive always equals a negative product. So the first thing you do is multiply eleven and 4 together and then change that answer into a negative answer.

3. (-4)(-12)=48

This question equals to this answer because a negative multiplied by a negative will always become a positive product. The first thing that you do to solve this question is change the negative integers into a positive integer and then multiply.

4. (8)(-8)=(-64)

This question equals to this answer because when you multiply a positive integer to a negative you will alwaysd get a negative product. To solve this question all you have to do is what i said in question 2.

5. (6)(-2)=(-12)

This question equals to this answer because of what i said in question 4.


  1. NickyD817 said...

    Great job Jai! Your use of colour was great and the fact that you gave us the answers helped too (well...I had finished the homework already but...). One thing though, you might want to either use some more of that fabulous colour to distinguish between the answers for the rules or just put one per line. It would help to keep it neat and tidy. Other than that there isn't really much else to say about your scribe except good job!

    November 10, 2008 at 10:01 PM  

  2. Nicole VanCaeseele said...

    Well done on the scribe post! I really liked that you included a short little quiz so the your classmates could test themselves to see how much they know about multiplying integers. Giving a few of the answers may also help some of your classmates and let them know that they are going the assignment correctly.

    Once again, great job!

    November 10, 2008 at 11:16 PM  

  3. joysie817 said...

    Good job, Jai. I really liked how you used colour. It helped me comprehend what you were saying. I loved the fact that you put the answers to the homework. I really did not know how to solve the questions that Mr.Backe put up on the smart board. When I saw your scribe it really assisted me in doing my homework. Once again great job. ☺

    And I also want to give thanks to Nicole Vancaeseele for commenting. Even though she did not have to comment, she did anyways to show the scribe that he did well. Thanks, we apprechiate what you did. ☺

    November 11, 2008 at 8:46 PM  

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