BOB on Fractions

Saturday, April 25, 2009
As you might know, we were able to get a bonus mark if we did a post on what we learned about fractions. So, this is mine...

One thing I learned about fractions was adding them. I didn't know you were supposed to have a common denominator when you were adding them, but now I understand that the denominator must be the same when comparing two or more wholes. After all, you wouldn't compare a Blu-Ray player with a VCR, right? It just wouldn't make sense. The wholes must be the same size.
One thing I had difficulty with was using the 'borrowing' technique. I didn't quite understand it because it had initially confused me at first. Mr. H had said it was much easier compared to
changing a mixed number to an improper fractions and all that. But once I looked over the example a few times I finally understood what we were supposed to do when 'borrowing', and it really is much easier and less time consuming rather than changing the mixed number into an improper fraction. Just think about all the paper and graphite you'd be saving! ;)

Overall, I learned a lot about fractions. I never really enjoyed learning about fractions before but learning about the 'borrowing' technique has really begun to brighten my perspective on the whole subject. I hope this post isn't late!


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