Sunday, April 26, 2009
Scribe post for April 23!(Fractions~)

On Thursday, we had a word problem about fractions...It was about Carrol Gardens and Flatbush. they both have an area of 100mx50m.

The question is...Who gets more hard top? Explain your answer... (pretend that you are explaining it to a person who doesn't know a lot about fraction...)
Carrol Gardens has: 3/4 playground 2/5 hardtop Flatbush has: 2/5 playground 3/4 hard top
Now we have to compare 2/5 to 3/4. But how???(I bet right know you could tell who had more hardtop right?but getting the answer isn't that important as to how you got the answer...)
There are a lot of ways to explain how you got the answer. Like...drawing a picture.

As you can see, 2/4 is more than 2/5. This is one way you can prove you're right...but is this really enough?Well if you can't draw... then you need to back up you answer with........decimals and

How do you convert fractions into decimals???
It's not that hard to do, just divide the numerator from the denominator.
Like this:
2 divided by 5=0.4
3/4 3 divided by 4=0.75
Then compare..
You can see that 0.75 is larger than 0.4(or 0.40 it doesn't really make a difference, it just makes it more easier to compare)
This it another way you could show your thinking...There is one more way I could show you how you can show your thinking.It's making the denominators the same.Like this:
So now that you know that 2/5(8/20) is smallar that 3/4(14/20) You can say that Carrol Gardens has more hardtop than flat bush because 2/5(flatbush) is smaller than 3/4(Carrol Gardens)


  1. Karen8-17 said...

    Good job Essa! I like your pictures and use of color. I understood everything thanks to you and Linda :D The pictures made me understand it better. You didn't just show the picture but you backed it up with an explanation. Good Job!

    -karebear ;P

    April 26, 2009 at 7:54 PM  

  2. Anonymous said...

    Karen this is Kim C's post.

    April 27, 2009 at 12:43 AM  

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