Skills Assignment #2

Saturday, April 18, 2009
On Thursday we were had an assignment in Math Skills. This time we had to make a post about subtracting fractions using 2 techniques, one is good at some times and the other is good at other times. The two ways you can subtract mixed fractions is to make them improper first then subtract. Or if the mixed numbers are too big, we can use a borrow technique.

The proper time to borrow is when one of the mixed numbers is too big. It would just be harder to make it an improper fraction first then go from there on. For example:100 2/4 - 6 3/4. Unless you want to do like 1,000 push ups, do it the easier way, borrowing. As you can see you can't take 3 with you have only 2.
Okay now I'll show the proper time to use the improper way to subtract fractions. The proper time to use fractions is when the numbers are small and when you can't take away something bigger when you have something smaller to begin with. For example:
See how you can use both ways to subtract fractions! Sometimes one is more faster than the other but you can do either one, they both work!


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