Scribe Post for Monday, April 27th, 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009
Im sorry that this scribe is a little late but Im going to make up for it by helping a few of you understand what we are doing in class these days. We are learning about multiplying fractions.

Now here are a few questions and answers for you.
(left=numerator right=denominator)
9/10  x  5/18=
You multiply the numerators then the denominators.
Now you simplify the answer
45/180 divided by 5 is 9/36
Simplify the answers even more
9/36 divided by 9 is 1/4
The final simplified answer is one fourth

14/3  x  6/7=
To help you answer this question you could switch the numerators because nothing would happen if you just switch the numerators around a little to make it look more friendly.
6/3  x  14/7=
As you can see I switched the numerators. 14 is now over 7 and 6 is now over 3.
6/3  x  14/7=2  x  2=4
The final answer is four.

Well, I have to go now. Sorry if I have not explained it to you properly but hey, at least I tried. If you did understand me then good for you (Y) Please comment and sorry for such a short scribepost.


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