The Pythagoras math!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009
Today have have given an assignment about pythagoras. Today I'm just sawing you the vocabulary and why the pictures linked to each other. You can also see the steps on the

Picture linked?

- Pythagoras is a well known mathematics person. He is famous to discover alot of different things. Like he discover the Earth moves around the sun, not the sun move around earth. He also discover A² + B² = C². Hmm.... Seem like its kinda linked to the picture below. A² + B² = C² is about shapes like SQUARE AND TRIANGLE. Are those linked to the 3rd and 4th picture?

So, this picture has to talk about Pythagoras right? Well this A² + B² = C² is a Theorem. It means the the Length or Width of the triangle or a square of area.

Now this picture has to do with picture 1 and 2 right? Well this picture show the Width and Length right? How many Right Angle does it got? (look at the Vocabulary to see what it means.) Yes it has 4 right angles and their 90 degree. The second picture (A² + B² = C²) is linked to this picture.

Now same thing as picture 1 and 2 but this time its a triangle? This shape only has 1 right angle as you can see. Also the right angle also has an opposite side. Its call the Hypotenuse. Hypotenuse is the longest side of the triangle and also the shortest side are the to reminding ones. They are the legs. The legs comes of of the Right angle.

R.A.T - Its a short way of calling Right Angle Triangle
Hypotenuse - It is the longest side on the Triangle and its the opposite side of the right Triangle
Legs - The shortest side of a triangle. Comes out of the right angle and the triangle always has 2 legs.
Theorem - It is A² + B² = C²
Greek - Pythagoras is an ancient Greek person.

Here is a video of the pythagoras post


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