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Thursday, February 26, 2009
OH NO! MR.Harbeck has amnesia! What ever will we do??? Its a good thing he left us these word and artifacts!

Hi my name is Camille and I will be your teacher for today! Most of you already know what I'm going to be talking about but to some of you this is NEW information. So if okay so Lets start!

This week we have been learning about the Pythagoras Theorem . We have been given an assignment to help our teacher Mr. Harbeck, remember what he was suppose to teach us.The assignment involves us to understand 4 pictures. But I'll get to that a little bit later. We were also given a list of vocabulary words here they are :
  • legs
  • hypotenuse
  • R.A.T.
  • Greek
  • theorem
Legs- shorter than the hypotenuse , comes out of the right angle, so each right triangle always has 2 legs.

Hypotenuse- is the largest leg in a right angle, triangle and is always opposite to the right angle.

R.A.T- the word R.A.T is a shorter way of saying right angle triangle.

Greek- some one who has the ethnic background of Greece. or a native or inhabitant of Greece.

Theorem- it is a idea that has been proven true.

This is the artifacts
one is a Greek man called Pythagoras, a square, a right angled triangle and a2+b2=c2.

First we will be discussing the right angled triangle or also known as R.A.T.
Here is what a right angled triangle loo
ks like:

A right angled triangle has 3 sides: side A which is the long side on the left and side B which is just under the box also know as 90. then their is side C which is also referred to as the Hypotenuse. The Hypotenuse or C is always the longest side on a R.A.T
Here is a square:

A square has four equal sides. All 90•.

Another artifact that was found was a formula related to the Right Angle Triangle, that Pythagoras mad. It looks like this :

PYTHAGORAS! This is the Greek Dude we have been learning about!

Pythagoras was a great mathematician. He is know for the therm, he made - the Pythagoras therm .

~ an interesting fact about Pythagoras was that some people did not believe he was a real person, that the Pythagoras therm was made by a group of people called the Pythagorean.

Pythagoras questions:
Problem 1 This diagram shows the game plans for a game designed by Harbeck Toys INC. The board is made up of
a square and four identical right triangles.

If the central square has an area of 225 square centimeters what is the perimeter of the board game? To answer this question we first need to write what were already know:
we know that 225 cm2 is the area of the square and that all the legs are even.
So first we find out what the square root is for 225 cm is.
it equals to 15cm
So now we know all of the legs or sides equal to 15cm.
Now we need to solve for the Hypotenuse: so we use the Pythagoras therm which we were talking about before
so if we were to put in the numbers it would look like this:
450 square root is 21.213


Word Problem 2
A) The square's diagonal is 4.2 cm.
each square is 3x3 so we use a2+b2=c2
3(squared) + 3(squared) = C2
18[square root] = 4.2 cm

b) the length of the hypotenuse is
the square has 64 squares, 64 divided by 4(sides) is 16
so the square is 16x16, from there we use a2+b2=c2
(square root 512)
22.627 = c
22.627 cm2


Here is part DEUX !!


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