Pythagoras Post

Wednesday, February 25, 2009
This past week weve been given a project to do a post on Pythagoras and in this post i will be explaining the pythagorian therom.

This is pythagoras he has done many amazing things in his life but there isnt really any evidence from his life just from what his friends said so maybe pythagoras never excisted and was just made up by people sometimes reffered to as the "pythagorians"

Now heres some important vocabulary that you need to know.

Hypotenuse:The side of a right angle that is the longest and is on the opposite side of the right angle.

R.A.T:A R.A.T is an abreviation to Right Angle Triangle. A right angle triangle is 90 degrees

Greek:A greek is a person who lives or was born in Greece Legs:The legs are the two shorter sides of the triangle that make up the angle

Theorem:A theorem is a theory that has been proven.

Another thing we were asked to do was explain these artifacts

The Pythagorean theorem: The sum of the areas of the two squares on the legs (a and b) equals the area of the square on the hypotenuse (c).

Right Triangle: This is a right triangle. The right triangle has a right angle which equals 90 degrees. All together the triangle equals 180 degrees

Square: This is just a plain square it has four right angles. The lines on the square just help you see that its equal on all sides. All together the square equals 360 degrees and to get that all you do is time 90 degrees by 4 which is 360


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