Friday, February 20, 2009
R.A.T. - Right Angle Triangle
Hypotenuse- The longest side of the triangle, oppisite of the right angle.
Legs-They create the right angle and are shorter then the hypotenuse. Greek - A person that was born in modern Greese.
Theorm- A formula or theory that can be proved

Pythagoras is a man who was "Uber" Smart. He was a greek math mathematician. There are people who think that Pythagoras is a myth because we have no main source that proves that he existed.

Mr Harbeck had artifacts in his bag, and one of the artifacts was a2+b2=c2.
a2+b2=c2 is the pytharorean theorm and this is an example.

Another artifact that he had in his bag was this

R.A.T. The artifact that Mr. Harbeck had in his bag was a right angle triangle. The triangle has a 90 degree in it which is the little square in the triangle. If you put the angles all together the triangle eaquls 180 degrees.

Mr harbeck also had this in his bag.

This artifact is a square. You might think oh but isant a square supposed to be even ? That is what the lines show, they show that the each of the sides are eaqul. This square you see has four 90 degree angles so the whole square eaquls 360 degrees. The proof to get this would be 4x90=360.

The reason these artifacts are linked are because they all connect to this thing called a Pythagorean Theorm. They also connect to Pythagoras because he is the one that discovered this theorm.
Yes, We care about Pythagoras because he is the one who found the Pythagoras theorm or formula.


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