Pay It Forward

Saturday, January 3, 2009
Pay It Forward!
Over the weeks I did 3 Pay It Forward. But I only have 2 pictures of me doing pay it forward, because I forgot about my camera for the other picture. But I did 3 at least. oh and I did all of it by myself because most of my friends did one already.
Part 1 (Pay It Forward)
First Thing I did was babysitting my cousins. I babysit my cousins for about 4 hours because I had to go home and my Aunt brought them home. Sorry about this because this is one of a part I don't have my picture because I forgot about it when i got to my Cousins.

Part 2 (Pay It Forward)
Instead of Just Shoveling Someone's House, Why don't I just Shovel the back ally? So cars can drive through the back ally easier. So I did the back Ally. It took a long time but at least i pay it forward. If you don't know how i pay it forward I asked 1 of my neighbor to pay it forward. I didn't do my whole back Ally only did like 1 or 2 houses away from mine. Now heres a picture of me Shoveling.

Part 3 (Pay It Forward)
Last Pay it Forward I did. I got Neighbor that I always help her, like shoveling, taking out the garbage and cleaning up. But I heard that shes in the hospital and she has to stay their for 2 months. So I did Some Work in the house Cleaning and taking out the Garbage. So she won't be back in for a 2 months. I hope she can come back from the hospital and she'll feel better. Well heres a picture of me taking out the garbage.

Well that's all what I for Pay It Forward! Hope I helped out.


  1. camille817 said...


    Good job on paying it forward! That's awesome that you shoveled the back ally! And that you helped out your neighbor while she was in the hospital. anyways keep up the good work!

    - Cammy ^^.

    January 4, 2009 at 4:46 PM  

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