Pay It Forward

Tuesday, January 6, 2009
So for my pay it forward i shoveld my grandma and grandpas driveway because my grandma was out of town and my grandpa pinched a nerve in his rib so it was the least i could do. So i threw my jacket on but since i was at my grandma and grandpas i had no gloves so i askedmy grandpa for gloves and he could only find one so im out side shoveling there huge drive way with no touque and one glove but i didnt care cause i was helping my grandpa but after i was done i didnt think it was enough so I got out the snow blower and shoveld 5 more houses telling all the people to pay it forward even though i coulda made 20 bucks i refused the money and just told them helping other people would be good enough so they said they would and thats how i payed it forward


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