Pay It Forward

Sunday, January 4, 2009
Hello people! My name is Rinorm and I can not believe I actually did something for this project. For the holidays we were asked to pay it forward by doing anything to help the world. For me, I decided to shovel my cousin’s driveway and my own driveway without charge.

I decided to shovel my cousin’s driveway because on a cold snowy night they phoned my mom and said they were going somewhere. I realized that they were going on a holiday so I said to myself, "I'm going to shovel their yard tomorrow." And that’s exactly what I did. The next morning I put on my shorts, jogging pants, undershirt, t-shirt, 2 sweaters, a jacket, two pairs of socks and shoes. When I walked outside I was so cold because I have just learned that it snowed a lot early in the morning. I went to their back driveway and started to shovel. When I finished the driveway I decided to shovel their walkway too so I did. When I have shoveled everything I went back to my house. When I got inside my dad asked me to shovel our own driveway and that is what I did. When my cousins got home they phoned us and asked who shoveled and I said me and I said “Pay it Forward please!” and they said that they would try to. I was very happy.
As you can see from this picture that i actually did this and I was very, very cold. Well I hope that I have encouraged anyone to "Pay it forward." I have to go now. Peace Out dudes and dudettes.


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