Pay it Forward

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hello and if you don't now me I'm Carlo. And I did this project called "Pay it Forward". Well at the holidays I didn't do anything that special, so somewhere close to New Years, December 31 to be exact. I did something super special asome in my house, then my cousins. Well I had to babysit my cousins.

Surprisingly unaccepted happened, my cousins came to the house and jumped on me literally. While there mom is somewhere in the outdoor world doing something. While I babysat them they were playing with there own and Nintendo DS. Just for a short moment of time they actually escaped my clutches , that means the ran away somewhere in the house doing whatever they do normally, now if you are wondering what the do normally is to fight, yes fight. I had to separate them but i just got bamboozled by the little one not the older one of the brothers but the young one. After that little brawl I gave something free to them like a DS game or whatever plea shay thing they wanted. So I gave it to them. Now that's how generous I am. For the following hours my sisters were video taping them as they cause havoc around the house, eventually we got videos. If you look down at this paragraph there is one of the videos we captured. Now I felt super special good when I baby sat for them. My cousins reacted surprisingly enjoyed on what I did to them. I asked them to pay it forward but they didn't know what I meant. So when we had the celebration of New Years in my other cousins house I said these to all my relatives in there to pay it forward as I explained slowly. And there was About 20 relatives in there. So they tried to to the things I said.

Now you see the videos on how I did well, the results on how I took care of them is I had trouble on it, but if I rate it to easy-insane I'd say normal. And can one person make a difference, I'd say yes. If I can do this some other person can do it. Yeah, that's all I got now I'm done


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