Pay it Forward

Tuesday, January 6, 2009
Before the break we were all assigned to do this thing called ' Pay It Forward ' To be honest I'm not that type of kid who's going to do something without getting paid but whatever. To help pay forward i helped my dad shovel our lawn after his hard day of work, well apparently i did all the work because after 5 minutes he gave me the shovel and went inside watching me through the window. I was shoveling for about an hour since it was freezing cold last night. I told my dad not to pay me, well he wouldn't anyways but instead i told him to ' Pay it forward ' He asked me what's that? and i told him ' Instead of paying me back do something nice for someone else ' and he did, he did the laundry for my mom, haha. The other thing i did to pay it forward was find old clothes i don't usually wear anymore and give i to my mom, and fold it together so we can send them to the salvation army. I also told my mom to pay it forward and she was like ' ano ba yan ' which meant ' what's that ' and i told her the same thing i told my dad. Instead of paying me back do something nice for someone else, and i guess she did by giving clothes to the salvation army.


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