Pay it Foward

Monday, January 5, 2009
Pay It Forward

For pay it forward I helped out on December 25,2008 12:30pm, I went to church and alter serve. Usually on Christmas I don't go to church since there are a lot of people. Alter severs do jobs to help out the priest when there's mass. We wore red and white.There were only 4 people alter severing at that time. My brother, 2 other people and I. Since I was the oldest among them, I had to carry the cross. :( I didn't like doing the cross because the person carrying the cross "leads" everyone to the front. When I was leading everyone to the front, I was wonder if I was walking too fast or too slow. Since I didn't want to make a mistake on a very special day. When I was at the front, I was relived that I didn't make any mistakes yet. When I looked at the audience, I didn't realized that there were that much people. I felt really nervous. Then later on in the Christmas mass, I suddenly felt sleepy. I kept yawning. Of all the days I could yawn it had to be now. I tried to stop yawning but I couldn't. So when the choir sang I sang with them. It made my yawning stopped. One problem fixed and another to come. When I was going to ring the bell, It felt like it was going to break. There were four bells on it and one of the bells felt loose. i was praying that on the second time I ring the bell that it wouldn't break. Luckily it didn't. It broke the next week I came. When mass ending, I was glad that I didn't make any mistakes. I was glad that I helped out on Christmas.


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