Pay It Forward

Saturday, January 3, 2009
Over the holiday we were asked to pay it forward. We had two weeks to do and act of kindness for some one else. For my random act of kindness I decided to do two things. The first thing I decided to do was shovel my neighbors snow. It was a cold winter day but it snowed a little so I took that oportunity and shoveled my neighbors snow. I shoveled for 2 houses. After I was finished shoveling each house I made a letter that said PAY IR FORWARD! Im preatty sure when they came back home they were very happy.

The second thing I did was pick up garbage in the back lane. There wasn't much garbage out there because it was probably covered in snow. I did find some bottles and other things that I picked up. These two things was how I payed it forward. It wasn't much but I'm glad I did something.


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