Pay It Forward

Saturday, January 3, 2009
On the last day of school we watched a movie called "Pay It Forward". The movie is about doing an act of kindness to someone and to ask them to 'pay it forward' to someone else. We are expected to do an act of kindness during our winter break. For that act of kindness me and Joysie decided to do something simple that would make someone special happy, babysitting, and we're going to do it for my dad's friends and their 4-year-old daughter, Dana.

How we payed it forward:
We decided to do this when I heard that my parents invited them to dinner after the Holidays. I thought it was the right time because it's dinner and my parents want them to have fun. I told them I will take care of Dana and they can just have fun. Me and Joysie looked out for her while her parents are eating, we fed her, which is very hard because she doesn't want to eat anything and played computer games, hide and seek and dollies with her.

What I felt after doing this:
After we did this I felt happy because I was able to help them even in a very small way. When they left our house they told me that they had a great time. Dana was sad because she doesn't want to leave and she wants to play more. One more reason is because Dana and her family just moved here to Winnipeg from Ontario. She said she misses all of her friends and that she has no one to play with because she's an only child. I told her that I will come over to her house more often to play with her. I asked Dana if she can 'pay it forward', of course I had to explain to her what I meant and after I did she said she will try.

Can one person make a difference?
I think one person can make a difference. No matter what it is, big, small or simple, a person can make a difference. Even if you're the only one, you can do SOMETHING to make a change.


  1. camille817 said...

    I really miss you! ^^. Anyways
    Good Job! I loved the video! It was so Cutie! Keep up the good work!

    - manika ^^.

    January 4, 2009 at 7:15 PM  

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