pay it forward

Tuesday, January 6, 2009
For Pay It Forward I went out side and shoveled my yard and my 2 neighbors yard. I baby sat my little sister and my younger cousins . My youngest cousin is not such a patient kid she is hyper doesnt listen and so on. While i was doing these i was offered some money i said no thanks and just to Pay It forward .They asked me how to pay it forward i told my mom and i told my auntie and they both said they would . When i shoveled i went inside and made a letter or a card the card was saying " Hi i did your drive way no need to pay me Just Pay It forward. If they asked how to pay it forward i left a message on the other side responding to what Pay It Forward was .Doing these good deed made me think if people help one by one everythingcould change if we use the system Pay It Forward. I did enjoy doing this project.

The pictures that where taking could not be uploaded today but will be uploaded soon.


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