Adina and Jade's Integer Adventure

Friday, October 24, 2008
Adina and Jade are really good friends and today is they're birthday. Jade and Adina has a good life, they both do good in school and have lots of friends. Jade wanted a pony for her birthday and Adina wanted a dog but they're parents disagree they said those are,"the stupidest gifts ever". Adina and Jade always felt like nobody cares and loves them even they're parents,so they both decided to run away together.

They're adventure has begun.When they ran away they didn't know where to go and how to survive.
"What are we going to do Jade?", Adina said worried.
"Heck I don't know why are you asking me?", said Jade.
" I don't know why! I'm just really hungry and worried if we're going to survive", Adina said.
" Well you think I'm not worried and scared?!, wait a minute look what is that? it looks like a box", said Jade.
" I don't know lets go check it out, wait what if its food?", said Adina.
" Well then it's good, come one lets go!", said Jade rushing to see what's inside the box.

They both went to see what it is and what's inside . It was a box, when they both opened it a little person came out.
" Who are you?", said Jade.
" It doesn't matter who I am, I will help you and give you food", said the little person.
" Yeah, Jade don't ask because it doesn't matter his our angel, he will give us food and help us.", said Adina.
" Angel? I'm not going to help you just like that, there's a catch", said the little person.
" What catch?", both of the girls said surprisingly.
" The catch is to help me, I can't go back home unless I answer all 4 integer questions", said the little person.
" Sure we'll help you as long as you promise us that you will help us", said both of the girls.
" OK! I promise", said the little person.
"Oh! its +13, the answer is +13", said Jade. "Correct but now you have to explain or show how you got that answer"said the little person. "What?",said both of the girls surprisingly. "OK then we'll explain it", said Jade.

"CORRECT!", yelled the little person.

The girls we're cheering and they're ready to answer all of the questions.
" Very good", said the little man.
"Now the next question is... (-6)+(+3) and you have to explain it using a number line".

Third question is correct.
Last question is (-10)+(+3) =________ but you have to explain and show it using have and owe, number line and tiles.
" Are you kidding us, that's hard", said Adina
" Oh shut up Adina! it's the last question", said Jade.

"CORRECT AGAIN!, yelled the little man.
"YAY!, we're done, where's the food? you promised that you'd help us, remember?",said both of the girls.
"What? what promise?..oh, the help and food. I still remember come with me.", said the little man.
"Follow you where?", Jade asked.
"Over there.", said the little man while pointing at a mountain.

They walked and walked for days, then they finally got there.
"We're finally here",said the little man.
"So,where is the food you promised us?",asked Jade.
"Well, uuhmm.. the thing is that..there are 8 more questions left I'm not sure if you know how to solve them so I kinda tricked you I'm sorry",said the little man.
"Why didn't you ask us first we might know how to solve it?", asked Adina.
"Even I can't figure it out so how could two teenage girls solve it?",the little man said while looking at the two girls.
"What is it we might know", said Adina.
"Come on, we'll give it a shot", Jade said begging the little man.
"OK, OK I'll give you a chance",said the little man."The questions involve subtracting integers and adding and subtracting integers in standard form".
"Oh no problem I just learned that in math", Jade said happily.
"OK the questions are...",said the little man.
"Oh that's easy 1.) (-8)-(+2) is -6 because there is no such thing as subtracting integers you add the opposites to get a zero pair", said Jade." (-9)+(-3) is -12, (-10)-(-5) is -15, (-8)-(-3) is -5".
"OK! that's good. the next batch of questions will be about adding and subtracting integers in standard form",said the little man."And remember to put it in standard form".

1.) 6+8
2.) -4-3
3.) 15-2
4.) 14+8

"I'll answer it!", said Adina.

1.) is 14
2.) is -7
3.) is 13
4.) is 22

"It's all correct but how did you figure it out?",asked the little man.
"Easy, its same thing as adding or subtracting integers but with no diapers a.k.a. brackets",said Adina.
"You two answered all of the questions correct!, so as I promised I will give you food and help I will bring you two home to your parents but you have to promise me that you won't tell anyone about me", said the little man.
"We promise! Thank you very much!", both of the girls said happily.

So, they got back home to their parents and they learned they're lesson, They learned that running away is not a good idea even and never think that no one cares about you because you will always have god, your family and your friends by your side to love and care about you.


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