Dwight & The Evil Pirate Charlie Good

Friday, October 24, 2008
Dwight was a stealthy ninja from Nintegers island. He was on a quest to defeat the evil pirate Charlie Good, because he stole all their chocolate coins! He got a message on his Ninjcell, which was a ninja cellphone that Charlie was on the island of Happy Purple Monkeys. Dwight had to use his ninja skills to get to the island and find Charlie to defeat him and get all the chocolate coins back, but how would he do it? Dwight called up his friend Jimmy the whale, and got a ride to the island. Once Dwight was there he looked around for some clues and found a mysterious looking container that had buttons with numbers on the top of it, there was also a question on the top.

"(-4) + (+9).. what could this be? Well what if i owe Jimmy 4 dollars and I had 9 dollars... i would have, oh 5 dollars left!"

Dwight entered 5 on container and found a note inside that said..
"Since your a ninja how would you know, but think like a pirate where would you go?"
Dwight thought to himself about where he would go if he was a pirate. Dwight ran off to The Plinko Plungers Pub where all the pirates hung out, he met one of the pirates, Herbert.
"Hello, I'm Dwight"
"Arg, Yohoho Matey I be Herbert what ye need?"
" Have you seen anything unusual around here?"
"Well there is plenty of unusual things around here! Like that beer keg."

Dwight ran over to the keg that read Ye Olde Beer Co. He looked inside and found another container! This time it said (+5)+(+3), Dwight used a number line to figure this one out, but it was easy!

Dwight entered 8 onto the container and found another note that read,
"The pub, the ship, the 7 seas, all i need is my black eyes____"
"What could this mean?" he thought to himself...
He thought for a while what rhymes with seas... keys, please, then he finally got it,
"PEAS! Where will i find some Black Eyes Peas?"
Dwight climbed a high tree and looked around, he spotted a market! He jumped frantically and sprint off into the distance towards the market. Once he got there he asked where he could find black eyed peas and he was lead to them. He looked at all the jars and found one with ANOTHER question! (-8)+(-2), Dwight just knew the answer to it right away!
"Its (-10)!"

Dwight was so happy! He quickly pressed (-10) then read the next note, it said..
"I got my drinks and my black eyed peas, i need my ____ to sail the 7 seas."
He knew this one right away, he knew that you needed a ship to sail the 7 seas. It was getting easier every time! Dwight did flips and jumps all the way to the ship dock. He saw a big ship that said CHARLIE GOOD, Dwight though he had found Charlie, he ran so fast no one saw him get on the ship. There were a few other pirates on the ship, but no sign of Charlie Good. Dwight kept searching and searching until he found a door that said CHARLIE GOOD'S CABIN, Dwight turned the knob to the door, but it just wouldn't budge, he look at the front of the door and read a sign that said... (-10)+(+11),
"Now this one is hard!" cried Dwight.
He found rocks on the floor and used them to figure out the question and he got +1!
"Maybe it's not that hard after all!"

Dwight, looked down at the knob and just above it was a few numbers, He pressed 1 and the door opened! He jumped in and found Charlie Good with all the chocolate coins!
" NEVER!" yelled Charlie, but it was to late, Dwight grabbed them and ran!
Charlie was very mad that he didn't get away with it, but he never really got away with anything.
Everyone was happy back on Nintagers island when Dwight came back with all there chocolate coins, Charlie Good would still try to steal, but he better watch out for Dwight!

To be continued...


  1. camille817 said...

    Hi Alex, I really enjoyed your intstory. I didn't know that ninja's could have have cool names like Dwight! Anyway I have a weird craving to eat chocolate coins I wounder why? Ok well over all it was a great story! Good job :)


    October 29, 2008 at 7:15 PM  

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