Dora and Boot's Integer Adventure :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Dora and boots are at home and are bored. They decide to go kite flying at the top of the green hill. But to get their they have to complete integer questions. Dora and Boots have to complete four integer tasks. They start they're adventure.

Together Dora and Boots left the house. They went walking for a bit. Then suddenly they're first task came. They were walking under a tree then all of a sudden 3 vines came down. Boot's pulled down the middle one and an integer question came down. The question was (-4)+(+9) =. Dora answered the question with have and owe.

Dora and boots got the right answer and were able to get through. They walked and walked singing a song. Until they got to the bridge that an ugly old troll lived in. The ugly old troll said to them, "You can only get through if you answer my integer question." Dora and Boot's told the troll "Okay, we will." The troll gave them their integer question it was (-21) + (-52) =. This time Boots answered the question. Boots answered the question using a number line.

Boots got the right answer. So the ugly old troll let them by. Dora and Boot's were very happy that they only had two task left. So while they were strolling to get to they're next task. They were being goofy, and never saw Swiper trying to get they're kites. It was a good thing Boot's notice Swiper. So Boot's put his hand in front of Swiper and said, " Swiper no swiping" three times and Swiper went away. Boot's save his and Dora's kites.

After the commotion, they have reached their third task. Their was a door there, and it would only open if you answer the integer question the door knob tells you. The door knobs question was (+5) + (-7). This time Dora answered it. She answered the question using algebra tiles.

Dora got the question right and was able to get through the door with Boot's. While they were walking Boot's said to Dora " Only one task left ". Dora smiled at Boots, and then saw the final task. The final task was to get over the river. But to get to the other side of it, you need the vine hanging up on the tree. They're is a squirrel on the tree, and he has an integer question for Dora and Boots to answer. The squirrel gave Dora and Boot's his question. It was (-6) + (+8). Together Dora and Boots solved it using have and owe.

Dora and Boot's got the answer right, and got over to the other side. They flew their kites on top of the hill. After a while they decide to go home. But when they do, they have to go through the tasks again. But this time with different questions.


Dora and Boots got tired of flying their kites. So they decide to go home. But they dont want to go through the same why so instead they take a short cut. They only have two tasks to do, so they can get home. But instead of adding integers... Dora and Boots will subtract integers. And so, Dora and Boots go through the short cut and off to their first task. Their first task was to answer Swiper's question. Swipers question was (+2)-(-4)=. Dora answered it by changing it into an adding integer.

Dora got the answer right. They go on to their next task very excited because they will finally go home and rest. Dora and Boot's is final task was


  1. Austin 8/17 said...

    Nice story alyanna. I don't know if you are done yet but I am going to comment anyways because I am so bored right now. I liked how you explained everything in your pictures. I think little kids would understand this story because it is Dora the explorer and how you explained everything so neatly. Well, I got to go now! byebye

    October 30, 2008 at 10:57 PM  

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