Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Why do you think that the opponent wins a lot more than the player? It's simple. Based on the data that was gathered the other day, it depends on "luck" but our data shows that the player has a lower chance of winning than the opponent. There are 36 total possible outcomes on a pair of dice. 6 out of 36 is the total of getting a seven out of the total possible outcomes. While 30 out of 36 is the total of getting any number other than seven. If you calculate it into a percentage, The opponent has 83.3% chance of winning.


How can you make the game fair so that the opponent and the player has an equal chance of winning? If you want to make it fair, you first look at the total possible outcome. The total possible outcome is 36. Then try to divide 36 by 2, which equals...18. That means that each side should have 18 favourable outcomes BUT remember that the player still gets 3 points!


In this probability tree, there are 24 total possible outcomes. How do we know that? Well, there are tails and heads, A,B,C and 1,2,3,4. that's 2x3x4= 24 total possible outcomes. If this was a game, how can you make it fair so that the two payers have an equal chance of winning?


Remember this? Make two different ways that the red car and the blue car have an equal chance of winning. Also make two ways so that the red car has a lower probability then the blue car?(remember that the red car should have a little chance of winning.)


Remember the gumball sheet about probability? We are suppose to do question 1 and 2. The first question is asking that if you got one gumball from the machine, which colour do you think would come out? The gumball machine contains 1 red, 2 green, 3 yellow, and 4 blue. If I were to answer this question...I would because red, green, and yellow has a lower chance of coming out then blue. The second question is asking if there was a "gumball wizard" who puts another one of the same colour into a machine so that the number of gumballs of each colour would stay the same. If you were to take 10 gumballs out of the gumball machine, how many times do you think each colour would come out?


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