Scribe Post for October 9.2008

Friday, October 10, 2008
Thericital Problity :
Therictal Problity is what is supposed to turn out.
eg. If you have 6 orange chips and 1 green chip. If we mixxed all of the chips throughly and asked you to pic one, you will be most likely to pull out a orange chip and not a green one.

Expermintal Problity :
Is when you actually perform the expermint to get expermintal results.
eg. There were 10 gumballs in a macine 1 red,2 green,3 yellow and 4 blue gumballs in a machine. They were mixxed throughly and then we pulled a gumball out. The gumball that we pulled out was a blue one.


1. Imagine that a gumball machine contains 1 red,2 green,3 yellow and 4 blue gumball that were throughly mixed before put into the machine. If you got one gumball from that machine, which colour do you think would come out ? Explain your awnser.
I think that a blue one would come out because the precentage of a blue gumball comming out would be 40 percent. Because that you have a better chance of pulling a blue gumball and not a red,green or yellow i choose a blue one to come out. But you still have to remember that this is a game of chance.

2. Suppose that after each gumball comes out, the gumball wizard magicaly puts another one of the same colour into the machine so that the gumball machine always has the same number of each colour of gumball. If you took 10 gumballs out of this magic gumball machine with the gumball wizard replacing your gumball each time, which gumball do you think would come out ?
Red 1,2 Green,3 Yellow, and 4 blue gumballs, because no matter what colour you pull from the gumball machine it is magicaly replaced by the gumball wizard. So it is just like not taking any gumball at all.

Here is a video i found explaining problity