The Lottery Ticket

Monday, October 27, 2008
One afternoon an old poor man was walking in a back lane , when he found a lottery ticket. The ticket said ,you have to solve a question to win money. The question was, (+6)+(+8). The old man thought as hard as he could. But he just couldn't figure it out. Then, out of no where, an young man came walking out of the blue , and said, "hey you, yeah you, what do you have in your hands"? The old man said "nothing of your business"

The young man said "what did you say to me, punk!" Then the old man said "its a lottery ticket" . Then the young man said in a mean voice "Well give me it then.....PUNK!". Then he he grabbed it and said " man this question is hard" The old man said "i know"

And again a little girl said "i am so poor , i need that lottery ticket to win money , now give that to me"! Then the young man said "no! This question is to hard for you!" The little girl thought she was smart so she said "im smart , i bet i could answer it ! whats the Question?" the young man said in a rude voice "For me to know and for you to find out!" then they started arguing away.

The old poor man kept thinking as hard as he could, but still no , he couldn't answer it
he needed help. Then all of of sudden A man saw all of the rucus then he had to go and see what was going on. The man said "whats going on here?" The young man said "i am want this ticket , but this girl won't let me answer this question .But its to hard for her!" The girl said "well i am smart and i could answer it" ,The man said "well lets see that lottery ticket........Man this is hard! Well i ve cot a calculator ,so i could win the money and bee rich!!"
The old man kept thinking..Then he finally got it!"yes i know the answer its... +14" Then i grabbed the ticket and ran off!
3 days later he was the smartest guy on earth , well probably not the smartest but the richest! By the way the old "poor" mans name is Fred.



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