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Thursday, October 30, 2008
k, Well today in Harbeck's class we have been learning about integers, just today was different because he gave us a booklet that didn't have brackets around each integer "Inetegers in standard form" That meant we had to learn all this new stuff, I personally thought it was standard enough but anyway

-4 -3=-7 6+8=14

owe 4 owe 3= -7 have 6 have 8= 14

When Do You Add The Opposite ?



pretty much whenever you have to negatives or "uhhh ooos" i think ?

you guy if anyone even lokks at

this can get the answers from john

or carlos i think any way i

feel like poo soo good night

p.s. i couldnt get pictures so i

did the best i could with the

font sizes an that stuff


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