The Integer Boxes

Friday, October 24, 2008
The Integer Boxes

It all started when Alyza and Lara was walking in the woods as they always did in the afternoon. They was just walking around when they stumbled upon this box.
"Should we open it?" asked Alyza.
"I don't know... It could be something horrible...." Started Lara.
"... or it could be something amazing!" Said Alyza excitedly.
As they thought about the mysterious box.. It started to open. The two girls stared at the box in amazement. Then they peered inside...
"Aww... there's nothing in here but a piece of paper..."Alyza said with a frown on her face.
"I wonder what it says.." wondered Lara as she picked up the tiny piece of ripped paper.
"It looks like some kind of math question..." Stated Alyza, who was now reading the paper.
"It says.. (+9) + (-3)."
"And I think that there is something on the back.." said Lara
The two friends flipped the paper, and read the writing on the back. Hi there my name is Clara, and I need your help. I'm trapped inside a room. If you solve this question then you will save me. I will reward you greatly.~Clara
"Do you think we should help her?" Alyza asked confused.
"I think I'm up to the Challenge. Are you?" Lara said.
"Yea! I really want to help her." Alyza said with sympathy.
"Kay, first we need to figure out what the answer to the question is." said a confused Lara.
"Wait! Didn't we do this in math class? Integers?" questioned Alyza.
"Yeah.. I think Mr.Harveck taught us this last class..." remembered Lara.
"Let's think it over..."
"Got it! It's (+6)! " shouted Alyza.
"Yea, I see. The answer is 6!" Said Lara.
"Didn't Just say that?" Alyza added.

The girls laughed at their own joke. While the girls were laughing, they didn't notice the large piece of paper that now took place of the note Clara had given them.

"What's that?!" Lara said once again. "Another paper?! Wierd..."
"It looks like a piece of a map. It looks like a secret hiding place. Hey! Clara..." stated Alyza.
"Yes..." Lara said."I bet it leads to our next clue."

SO the girls walked and walked, to their next clue...

"We sure have been walking long... Are you sure that were going the right way?" Asked Lara.
"I'm positive... we should be nearing the clue.. right about-"
Right when Alyza said that, Lara stumbled over a large object.
"I think I found it..." Lara said as the helped herself up.
"Good job, Lara." Alyza said as she opened up the box.
"Clue number 2 says: (-5) + (+3)"

"And according to my calculations, I think the answer is -2." ALyza said smartly.
"Yay! were one step closer to finding Clara!" Lara said with enthusiasm.
"And one more map piece to put together." Alyza said.
"And also more steps to take!" Lara said tiredly. "I think we should just countinue tommorow."
"No, Lara. I want to help Clara as soon as possible. Please.. I'm not doing this without you..."
"Okay then..." Lara said with a sigh.
So the friends venture towards the next clue. Once again they stumble upon the box.
"What does it say?" Lara asked.
"(-3) + (-24) ...." Alyza started.

"The answer is.. -27! Ha! Beat you, ALyza!" Lara said boastfully.
"Dang...." Karen replied.
Lara grabs the paper. It reads.. 8 paces north, 10 paces west, 65 steps north, and 12 paces east.
Almost here! 5 more paces.... Lara thought.
"This one says (+4) + (-5).."

Alyza takes out her pocket calculator and calculates the numbers... "It's -1."
"Wait.. you had a calculator all along and you didnt tell me? I was trying to do all the questions in my head! Do you know how hard that is?!" An annoyed Lara said.
"Sorry... I forgot..." Alyza said.
"Whatever. Let's just get on to the next clue." Lara replied.
Alyza was about to get her paper when the wind knocked it out of her hands.
"No!" they shouted as they ran after the paper.
"Get it!" Alyza said as she chased after the paper.

Minutes turned into hours as the girls ran after the frantic paper.
"Got it!!!" Shouted Lara as tired as ever.
"Finally!" yelled Alyza.
The two friends collapsed after they're high speed chase. Their relaxation didn't last long though as the wind knocked the paper out of their hands.
"Not again!" Alyza complained.
The girls watched the paper fly onto a tree limb. Lara got up and grabed the paper which now had some writing on it. The paper said,
Girls, can you get here soon? I over heard the guy that had captured me telling someone that he was going to kill me. He said I only got a few days to live. Please, Hurry. ~clara
"Oh no!" Lara said


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