Teacher Kon?!?!

Sunday, October 26, 2008
Teacher Kon?!?!

I opened my eyes. I saw the sun that was shining brightly, it blinded me. I covered my eyes with my arm to prevent the sun blinding me. I went to a sitting position. Then I stretched my arms and yawned. It's a brand new day. The same old life until today.
I got off my bed
half asleep. Then I walked to the door but then sipped back because I slipped on my laundry that was scattered on the floor.
"OUCH! That hurts!" I said out loud.
Finally I was full awake. I looked up and saw a note on the door.

"Good afternoon Ayata! Did you sleep well? Are you happy that you skipped school? Well anyway the door won't open until you answer this question that mama will give you! Good luck Ayata!"

Your Loving, Mama!

I rolled my eyes and groaned. Then I threw my arms up.
Ahhh! Crazy mother! I'm horrible in math! How am I supposed to get out!" I said angrily.
The question was:


Then I pointed at the question.
"Look at the big number! I'm so stupid that I don't even know the answer!" I yelled.
Then suddenly, my brown stuffed bear that was on the shelf jumped off and walked towards me. Then the "thing" started to talk to me. I was surprised.
"Are you stuuuuupid or what?!?! This question is easy as pie! Why can't a sixteen years old girl can't do it huh?!?" The stuffed animal shouted at me.
I started to cry. Since this was the first time in a while that someone shouted at me.
"I failed math every year...I always get 49% every time but I'm not stupid..." I said childishly while crying.
The talking bear then put his left hand on his head. His head moved back and forth and he sighed. A few seconds later, the stuffed animal looked at me. I flinched. I was wondering of what he might do.
"Ayata, I'll teach you, how to do it."He said putting his hands on his hips.
My eyes sparkled.
"Really? Thank you!" I said happily.
"First do you know about zero pairs?" He asked.
I pondered. I only knew what negative and positive numbers were.
"I'm sorry, I don't know..." I said sadly.
"hhhmmm...you are brainless but I didn't imagine that you're this bad.... Well let me teach you what a zero pair is OK?" he said.
I frowned because I didn't like people lecturing me, especially math, but then smiled quickly since he was teaching me. Then out of nowhere he put on glasses.
"Ahem, zero pairs are a pair of numbers, it has to be one positive and one negative number whose sum equals zero. The positive and negative number has to be the same number. For example, (-2)+(+2)=(0). Both numbers are the same but the sign in front is a positive sign or a negative sign. Do you get it so far?" he said to me.
I nodded at him with amazement. He was better at explaining it than my math teachers! I felt like I was so smart at getting the meaning of zero pairs
"Oh, oh, oh! I think I can answer the question now!" I said with confidence.
I took out a piece of paper. Then I looked at the question.

I wrote down the question.Then I tried to answer it. (-6)+(+6)=(0). Afterwards I crossed out (-6) and (+6). So that leaves me with... (+235)!
"The answer is (+235) isn't it?!?" I said happily.
Then there door opened. It was silent. I looked around and the stuffed bear wasn't here anymore. Was it my imagination? I wondered. I didn't want to waste my time thinking about it, so I went downstairs and then I heard munching sounds. It was coming from the kitchen. I hurried. When I was in the kitchen, I saw him eating...my lunch!
"What are you doing?!? That's MY lunch!" I said loudly.
"What do you mean? I helped you so I get this for payment." He said with food in his mouth.
"Payment?!? I didn't agreed to that nonsense!" I said pointing my finger at him.
He looked at me.
"You're really bad at math and also your manners too I see." He said.
"Well you're the one munching while talking!" I said to him.
"Well at least I'm not as bad as you are when you eat with your mouth full." The stuffed animal said.
I was shocked. This animal, always has a comeback for what I say does he! It pisses me off! I was angry. Really angry. Then finally he said something.
"Fine. If you want your lunch back, you have to answer this question." He said while munching.
"What?!?! Another math question?" I moaned.
My stomach growled. It looks like I had to.
"What's the question this time..." I said to him.
"This time, there's no zero pairs.
The question is
(-9)+(-9)+(-1)= what?"
This time I at least know what to do. I think... First I got a piece of paper upstairs and drew
9 squares. Then drew another 9 and then 1 more.

Then I added the numbers up. 9+9=18+1=19. The answer is nineteen but a negative nineteen.
"The answer is (-19)" I said softly since I wasn't confident in my answer.
He looked at me.
"You're right but How did you get it?" he asked me.
I gave him the sheet of paper. He looked at it and was surprised.
"Good job...you used squares to find the answer. Good job indeed." he said amazed.
"Oh, by the way what's you name?" I asked.
He looked at me and smiled. Then he stood up.
"My name is Ichijo!" He said putting his hands to his hips.
I sighed and looked away.
"I shouldn't have asked, I'll call you Kon for now on..." I said.
"Why?!?"Kon yelled.
"Its because Ichijo is a cool name and it pisses me of that you have that name." I said to Kon.
"You're so unfair!" Kon said whining.
Then he passed my lunch to me. With a grin.
"Finally...I get to eat my delicious-"
Before I could finish what I had to say, I saw that Kon ate everything and that there was nothing left. I gripped the plate that had my lunch, really hard that it split in half.
"KON you...thief!" I yelled that everyone in the neighbourhood could hear it.
After awhile, I decided I should make my own lunch. I went to the refrigerator and open it. Nothing. Nothing was in it.
"What kind of person who has a refrigerator, doesn't use it!" I said to myself.
I closed the refrigerator door and took $20. Then I put my shoes on. I opened the door. When I took a step I stopped. I looked back.
"Kon I'm leaving to buy lunch!" I said loudly.
I closed the door and locked it. Then I headed to the grocery store nearby. It took me 7 minutes until I reached the store. I went inside and saw that there were a lot of people inside. I walked inside took a basket and went to lane 7 where the frozen foods were. I looked for what I wanted to eat. Then I found various things I wanted to eat, like hotdogs, pizza, icecream, and corndogs. I didn't know what to pick so I chose the cheapest one, the hotdogs and the most expensive, the pizza. I when to the counter. I gave the hotdogs and the pizza to the lady.
"It comes to...$10.05 young miss." The lady said.
I took the 20 dollars out of my pocket and gave it to her. She took it and gave me my change and a piece of paper.
"Your change is $9.95, and also here's a sheet that you should fill in to be in a draw. You could win a plasma t.v." She said smiling.
I looked at the sheet. I put my name and my address then the question....
"Oh great, another math problem today..." I said to myself.
The question this time was
This time instead of a picture, I drew a number line.

"I see the answer is -5" I said quietly.
I wrote down the answer I got. Then gave the sheet to the lady.
"Good luck!" she said.
I waved at her and walked away. As I walked away I frowned.
"This is the worse day ever...math, math, and math. It's everywhere..." I said quietly so that no one can here but myself.
While I walked I felt like someone was watching me. I looked back. no one was there. 2 minutes later I stopped and I looked back again and there was no one there. Was it my imagination? Was someone stalking me? I asked myself. Then I heard a voice. I looked and there was a little girl.
"Mama look! A teddy bear! Can I keep it?" asked the little girl.
"Sachie, it belongs to someone already. Some little girl must be looking for it." The mother's girl said.
"OK mama..." said the girl sadly.
I looked what teddy bear they were talking about. When the little girl and her mother walking away I saw the teddy bear. It was Kon. I stomped on him so that he wouldn't escape.
"Ouch! Ayata even though I'm a teddy bear, I still have feelings you know!" he screamed.
I stomped harder.
"I knew I was being watched, I have a six sense you know. Why are you here anyway?" I said.
"Ow, ow , ow! I'm here because I'm lonely without anyone around you know. I told you before I have feelings too." Kon answered.
I sighed.
"I wish there was a pawn shop around so that I can get rid of you." I looked at him.
"Ayata you are so mean!" he yelled.
Then I heard people whispering. I turned around and saw that I was the center of attraction. Then I heard a lady talking.
"I feel bad for this young lady...Talking to herself almost like she's crazy." The lady said.
I cried. Then everyone saw me cried and left. I stopped crying.
"Ahhhhh! Look what you did Kon! They thing I'm crazy! I mean crazy!" I yelled at Kon.
"I stomped him as hard as I can. When I was tired I walking away angrily.
"Your punishment is not over yet Kon!" I yelled really loud.
I wanted to calm down so I went to Shima Park. I walked around hoping to find a good spot to just relax with no math around or Kon. I found a little hill and went there. I put the grocery on the ground and lied down. It was a clear day and it was very quiet. I looked at the clouds that was making pictures. Then I saw a cloud that looked like a monkey. I laughed. Then I saw a cloud that looked like a chair. After a few, I saw a cloud that looked like Kon. I frowned.
"Stupid cloud! Why do you have to look like Kon!" I groaned.
Then the next cloud I saw a an integer question. I frowned even more. I looked away but for some reason the cloud didn't move. I looked up again and sighed.
"This day is the worse." I mumbled.
I looks like I had to answer it. The question was


"Hmmm...An integer question I see..." said a familiar voice. I yelled. "A mon...monster!" "Ha ha... ha very funny..." he said sarcastically.
"Kon what are YOU doing here?" I said.
"I'm here to help you answer this question!" he said.
"What do you mean, I'm smart now you can't call ME brainless anymore." I
sticked out my tongue at him.
"Well do you know any other way to solve it than pictures or number lines?" he said.
"Uuhhh...no I don't..."I said dumbly.
"So sad...I knew it...Teaching you will be hard work...Anyway I'll teach you a new way how to solve integers." he said.
"Another way?"I asked.
"Yes another way. It's some really easy for you to learn...I think. It's called "You have and you owe. It's something that has to do with money." Kon said.
"Yay! Something easy for once!"I said happily.
"OK, negative numbers are things you owe and positive numbers are thing you have. For instance, you have $3 and owe $4. How much do you have and owe?" asked Kon.
"Let's see....If I have $3 and owe $4 then...I will have... nothing and owe $1. Right?" I asked.
"Ding Dong! You're right! Now answer the question that the clouds gave you." he said.
I looked up in the clear sky. I have $13 and I owe a lot. $234 to be exact. I pondered. Then I got an idea.
"34-13=...21. So that means that I owe $221 dollars! That mean it's (-221)! Ah ya! I found the answer! it (-221)!"I shouted.
I looked at Kon.
"By the way is it right?"I asked him.
"Good job, it is now the clouds are going to give you a gift.
All of the sudden the clouds began to darken. Then I heard thunder. Thud! Then it began to rain hard. I was getting soaked.
"Oh great..Thank you clouds!" I shouted.
I got up and started to walk home...in the pouring rain...


The next day, I when to school. I didn't want to be with Kon for the whole day. At school I'm pretty unnoticeable. I'm like some sort of ghost that no one can see. (Well people some people can see ghost...)You know what the means...I'm pretty much a loner.

As the school bell rings, I walk to my locker. I took off my outdoor shoes and put on my indoor shoes. It always had been a habit to do this even though it's not snowing or raining. I got my binder, and went to room D1 which was my homeroom. There are 4 first year, second year, and senior year classes. I'm a first year at Skikaku High School. My home room teacher is Mr.Yohku and he is a slave driver! Aka Satan in disguise! The bad new is that he's the math teacher...Maybe he's the reason I hate math. I opened my binder to check what's first period. I gasped. No! It can't be! My first period is...Gym. The second thing that I hate the most is gym because you have to run and have partners. Since I'm invincible to everyone it's impossible to have a partner, and it's NO FUN!

I stood up and walked back to my locker to get my gym bag which contains my gym short and a T-shirt. Then slammed m the locker door. "I really hate school..." I said to myself. Then walked back to class for attendance. I walked ion the classroom but no body notice, but the teacher, Mr. Yohku. "YOU! Where have you been for these past 3 days!?!" He yelled at me. I covered my ears. Every time he yells at me. "I can't hear you..."I yelled at him. Then he got mad at me like always. "YOU! Go to the office!" Mr.Yohku and I said. Every time I see him I always was sent to the office for no reason. I actually like getting sent to the office because I always miss the gym or History class. Also I don't really get why he never calls me by my name even in attendance he calls me YOU. It's sad that this teacher is the only one that notice me but in the bad way though... "Stop imitating me!" He yelled at me once again. I glared at him. To tell you the truth, mama was right for once my manners were bad when it comes to respecting teachers...I mean REALLY bad. "Shut up old man." I said. I turned immediately and walked to the office. "Who are you calling old man YOU! You get detention after school!" He yells. I ignored his yelling like always and kept walking to the office. As I walked to the office, I saw that there was a unfamiliar face walking out of the office. He was taller than me and had black hair he had yellow eyes and he's expression looked like he didn't want anyone near him. It gave me the creeps for a minute. I stopped. He walked passed me with a smile that freaked me out even more. I turned around and no one was behind me. He "just" disappeared. I went in the office. Then sad down on the chair that was right beside the principal's private room. Then thought about what just happend. The door beside me opened and out came the principal himself.

OK, I lied about being a ghost. The principal was so kind to me that he was the only and only reason I went to school. If he didn't said he super long and weird speech, I would have quit school. That goes to show you that even I can be convinced but people. "Ayata! you been sent to the office again! I should have done something last time!" He said childishly. He's a principal but he's a person that never "acted as a really man." He said to me once that he prefers to be a child then be an adult and here's a result. A blond haired small man that loves sweets and bunnies...and also talks childishly to everyone but, don't be fooled by his appearance.... He's actually... "Ayata what's wrong?" He said worried. I snapped out and smiled. "Nothing at all." I said quickly. "Oh! That's good to hear!Now I want to show you a surprise that someone made for you!" The principal said. "Surprise? What is it?" I asked curiously. He smiled and gave me a flat rectangular shape. It was rapped with shinny red and yellow stripped wrapping. I tear on side of the wrapping. As I did that the principal moved back.
"What's wrong?" I asked him. "Oh, it nothing! Nothing at all! heh, heh, heh...." He said nervously. I was confused by his nervousness. Then I continued to teared the whole thing. Then saw a small letter. After the principal shut himself in his private room. I ignored the principal and read the letter and soon was irritated by the letter.

Dear my baby Ayata,

Aaawwww...You went to school! Mama is so happy! I hope you didn't get sent the office again but I know your in the office since your mama is always watching you... Well I know your bored so mama made something interesting for Ayata. It's a MATH QUESTION! Your happy right? right? I know you are! Also here's the fun part...There's a bomb somewhere in the school that I planted. If you don't answer this question correctly then... KABOOM! The school you hate so much explodes! It's fun isn't it? Well good luck! you have 22 minutes left. Remember mama is ALWAYS WATCHING YOU...

From your loving,


I ripped the paper in pieces. Then I screamed. " AAHHHHH! Stupid mother! Why does she need to do these crazy things! And Why MATH?!?!" "SShhhhh!!!" Said the secretaries in the office. I covered my mouth and stopped shouting. "Ooopps... sorry..." I said quietly this time. I looked at the question that my crazy mother gave me.


"Oh my god! I don't know how to do subtracting integers yet!" I said to myself quietly to myself of course. Then I looked at the principal's door. I stood up and knocked at the door. "Hey could you please help me?" I said but there was no answer. Then I knocked even harder but there was no reply. "Wow! When I needed him the most he's not here!" I shouted. "SSSHHHHH" said the secretaries. "Ahhhh! I don't care anymore."I yelled and walked out of the office. I went to the roof of the school. I only had 18 minutes left until this school explodes. I sat down on the ground leaning on the fence. I sat there and looked at the question. "What are you doing up here?" A voice said. I turned back and my eyes widen. It was the guy from before! The one that I met near the office! I felt a chill down my spine. "I said what are you doing here? Are you deaf? Do you need a he-ar-ing-aid?" He said. I snapped out and was starting to get angry. "It's none of you business!" I shouted back. He studied my expression and smile. "You'll turn old before I do if you get angry all the time and act like some old lady screaming." he said. "Shut up! Shut up! You're so annoying!" I yelled angrily. Then he stood up and walked away. "Weirdo." he said and disappeared down the stairs. "Hahaha! Finally someone had the courage to call YOU a weirdo!" said a familiar voice. I looked back and saw Kon beside me. "OH! it's Kon..." I said and punched him to the ground. "Ouch! That hurts!" Kon said. "Hey! help me answer this question. How do you subtract integers?" I asked quickly. "Why do I-" "Kon we don't have much time! I'll tell you after but first TEACH ME!" I screamed at him. Kon sighed. "Fine...I'll only explain it once so you better get it." He said. Then he took out a long piece of chalk and drew an example question. "To tell you the truth there is no such thing as subtracting integers! For example..." Then he drew (-2)-(+4)-(-6)=. "You have (-2)-(+4)-(-6). All you got to do is make it into an addition question and ADD THE OPPOSITE! Like this

(-2)-(+4)-(-6)= (-2)+(-4)+(+6)= Then add the negatives and positives together... Like this...
(-2)+(-4)=(-6) Then combine the positive and negative together....Like this... (-6)+(-6)= (0) Just like that...

"Do you get it?" he asked. "Yeah I do." I said and nodded. I then looked at the question that my crazy mother gave me and drew the question with the chalk that Kon had.


"First I changed the...subtraction to addition right?" I asked Kon. "Yup." he answered. So that's what I did....

(-6)+(-2)+(-24)= "Then you add the negatives with the negatives and positive with the positives right?" I asked Kon again. "Yup!" He replied. Then I did that...


"That's it!It's (-32)!" I said.
Then I took out the device that came with the question. It said that I needed to write the question on the device to confirm my answer. I pressed - then pressed 3 and then 2.
Then I pressed enter. Then there was a long beep. BEEEEEEPPPP! I got scared so was Kon... What was it? I asked myself. Then the beeping faded after 2 minutes. It was silent until my mother showed up out of no where.
"Ayata! You're so smart! Mama is so happy and proud! My baby is all grown up!" Mother said while hugging me so tightly that she was suffocating me.
"Mo...Mother stop it! It's embarrassing to do it in public and I hate it when you do that! "I yelled at her while trying to get her off of me.
After 15 minutes of trying to get her off. I asked a question that any child would ask their parents.
"Mother what are you doing here, and why did you plant a bomb in the school! That's illegal you know!"I screamed at her.
Then my mother began to cry.
"Ayata is so mean to her own mama! Even when mama is trying her best to make her happy!"She screamed out loud that a bunch of students heard her and came to watch our "Mother and child fight." I pointed at her.
"Do you think that innocent act will help you?!?!You're a 40 years old woman don't act so innocent that you make you OWN child look like the bad guy!" I lectured her.
"Sorry... I planted a bomb in the school...I'll commit suicide here...because nothing can atone my sins!" mother said while climbing on the ledge.
"Ahhh! what are you doing stupid mother!" I said and pulled her so that she fell back.
She began to cry.
"Let mama commit suicide!Mama planted a bomb! Mama should be punished!Let mama go!" She wailed. "Non sense! You're only doing this for my own good even though it's wrong, illegal and I hate it! If you die who would take care of me?Wouldn't you worry about me even you're died?"I shouted.
Then there was silence. After my mother began to cry.
"Ayata I'm sorry!" She said and hugged me.
For some reason that I don't know, people begain to clap. This was the first time in school that people actually see me, and it's all becouse of my mother.
"Thank you" I whispered to my mother.
I stood up and smiled to my mother.
"I'm going now. I'll see you when I get home." Mother said.
After I turned back and when to the stairs. Where the people were gathered. As I walked by, I heard people whispering about my mother and I. I ignored it as it was nothing.I went down the stairs and I yawned.
"That was troublesome." I said as I stretched.
"It sure was!"said a voice I know very well. I looked up. Then I was surprised.
"EEEHHH! Why are you with THAT guy Kon?!?! Did you form an alliance with him to bug me or something?!?!" I yelled.
I stopped, and saw that Kon was held by the black haired guy that called me a wierdo. I didn't like him at all.
"Of course not stupid! I was caught while going back home and this guy suddenly caught me! I tried hitting and kicking him but-"
"He was soft like a pillow that it tickled." The guy said finishing what Kon was saying.
"Save me Ayata~" said Kon sadly. I looked at him and then looked at the guy. I sighed.
"I already when through something troublesome...fine I'll save you tomorrow." I said and started to walk down the stairs.
As i walked passed them the blacked haired guy grabbed my wrist tightly.
"Oww that-"
"So you don't care what happens to him Ayata? Even though he was the one that taught you baby math. How heartless of you."He said to me.
"Ayata..."Kon said.
I felt a little guilt in my heart I tried to ignore it but it wouldn't go away. I got mad at myself so I kicked the guy that had Kon and that was holding me tightly. My kick landed on his stomach. He let go off my wrist but not Kon. I tried to get Kon but he raise his arms that had Kon so that I couldn't get it. I tried to jumped To get Kon, but he used his other arm to push me away.
"Give him back!" I yelled.
"No I won't let you get you're stuff doll yet." he said as he pushed me and walked down the stairs and stopped when he reached the bottom.
"Wait! Who are you calling a doll!"Kon yelled at him.
I tripped and fell where the guy and Kon was. I suddenly thought that he would run away but the he caught me. "You better be careful next time."He said and smiled. I didn't listen to him and tried to grab Kon again but he moved back and I fell since I was leaning on him. "Ouch!" I said. I turned and saw him leaving.
"Hey! Give him-"
"You should loss weight! You sure were heavy!" He said.
"Hahaha! That's a good one!"said Kon laughing his head off.
"Hey Kon!! Who's side are you on anyway!?!?"I said.
I tried to stand up but then I fell. I felt a huge pain on my right foot that I twisted when he moved back and fell awkwardly.
"Damn it. I failed to get Kon back..." I said to myself.

It's after school and I was walking home from school when a little girl was crying. "I can't do it..." she said. I went up to her. "What's wrong?" I asked. The little girl looked up. She wiped her tears and looked at me sadly. "I can't open this box that has Ruby captured. He said that to open this box, I need to sovle this math question, but it's too hard..."She said to me.
"Math question?"I said.
"Yeah math question. The question is this." she said as she handed the box to me. I took the box and saw that there was a math equation on it. The math equation was


"Wow this is sure a question that you can't answer!"I said. "Will you help me?"The little girl asked. I looked at her and smile. "I'll do whatever I can." I told her. First I need to change the subtracting sign to and addition sign and add the opposite. I told myself.


"Oh! I see a zero pair!So that means..."


"The answer is...(+2)! I did it I did-"
I looked around and no one was there. The little girl was gone and the box was too. Then I heard a voice.
"Thank you..."It said.


  1. NickyD817 said...

    NIce story Kim! Just one thing that I could recommend (other than few word errors which I'll say after) is maybe your pictures (namely the first two) could have larger writing. Here are some errors I noticed:
    1.instead of WENT of my bed put GOT (I capitalized so you'd know what to change)
    2.instead of PUTS on his glasses it should be PUT
    3.instead of YOUR right but How did you get it? it should be YOU'RE (contraction of you are not your as in your dog)
    Those are some of the errors that stood out for me but all in all great story!

    October 28, 2008 at 5:29 PM  

  2. Karen 8-17 said...

    Nice story Kim but I think it would be better if you make the font for the examples bigger. Good Job though!

    October 29, 2008 at 5:26 PM  

  3. KimC8-17 said...

    I'm sorry for a lot of my grammar mistakes! I had edit it but I think that there are still some mistakes. I corrected the errors that Nicky D. said. I had a lot of trouble with the format. Sorry Karen...I tried really hard to fix it but sorry if some of the sentences are too small to read.

    November 3, 2008 at 8:24 PM  

  4. linda 8-17 said...

    Interesting story, Kim ;D I just have one constructive critisism, if thats how you spell it 0__0
    In the beginning, you had a lot of short sentences. I think you should connect some of them. So, yeah. That's all you'll hear from Urban Duckie today :) GOOD JOB !

    November 9, 2008 at 6:09 PM  

  5. Mr. H said...

    WOW Lots of effort in this post. Thanks

    November 9, 2008 at 7:04 PM  

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