Adventures Of The Shinobi

Friday, October 24, 2008
Hey my name is Kevin and my Nickname is Shinobi.
My world was very fine until the Dark Lord started a war of destruction. Athena of the Bowmaster, Grendel of the Arch Mages and Balrog of the Knights could not stop the war. I, Shinobi came here to stop the world. This is my destiny.
I joined to become a Bowmaster and my friend Liem was already a Dragon Knight, he was a Dragon Knight for 2 years. I met Athena 5 months ago and in 2 months i became a Archer. I wanna become a Bowmaster so i can learn how to use a skill call Hurricane. Hurricane is a skill where i can shot 8 arrows per second. I can't learn it because Athena said that I its to strong for me.
In The Story!

Chapter 1 - The Journey Begin
Kevin and Liem left Henesys of Bow mans to stop the war before the Thieves will real the world. Their next stop is Ellina the Mages place. Soon we walked and we saw a a door with a note. It says find the problem to this answer so you can pass. (-5)+(-4)+(+9)=. Liem is also smart in math he could know what the answer to the problem. Liem was think the problem is 0 but he said he got the answer like this.. (-5)+(-4)= -9. So its (-9)+(+9)=0. When we got the answer we shouted the answer out loud. The answer is 9!!, say Liem. The Guard says the answer is correct. Liem and Kevin passed the door and when they passed the door than soon half way Someone came from teleporting.

Chapter 2 - Meeting Josh of the Priest
Flash of light shined on us. Than soon the light stopped. Its was a Priest of Mage. Josh was asking us a question to open a box. The question was (-5)+(-7)=. Kevin said it was -11 but josh didn't agree because he tried already. Liem says its -13. Josh tried it out and he got it wrong. Josh was thinking that it was -12. Liem and Kevin agree. So he tried and he got it right. So the box opened and he got a key. Josh says the key is opening a portal to control time. So if the Thieves (evil) get a hands in the key we are all doom. Soon Liem and Kevin told him to join us so he can help us to stop the war. Josh said he would like to help us. Now they are on their way to Perion the place of the Warriors.

Chapter 3 - The Attack of 1 powerful Thief....
Josh, Liem and kevin made it half way to perion. They took a rest for a while, than suddenly someone jump down from the sky and threw stars at Josh. The Thief name is JP. JP attacked Josh because he wanted the key. Liem and Kevin Charged at him. JP disappeared and attack both of them with a Savage Blow. Josh used his Shining Ray on him but he moved to fast and Josh missed. JP also Savage Blow Josh and he tooked the key and ran.
5 minute later Kevin, Liem and Josh panic cause they lost the key. They soon got to the Balrog of the Knight's house. Their was a Integer question to open the door and the Integer was (7)+(-4)=. Josh said its 11 but Liem says its 3 and Josh changed his mind cause Liem told him how h get it. They soon ran to Balrog of the Knights and told him what happen. He said its not to late for getting the key back. Balrog told every town about this and they had enough of the Thieve so they planned an attack to Kerning city, of the Thieves.

Chapter 4 - The War and saving the world.
12:00 at night, Bowmans, Warriors and Mages had come all together to attack Kerning City. Kevin, Liem and Josh watched as the war started. Their duty is to steal the key and get to Sleepy Wood so the key is destory so nobody can have it no more. Soon the war started and Kevin, Liem and Josh ran down to Kerning City and trying to get to their base. Finally they got to their base and the door was locked but the only way to open it is a Integer question. (-8)+(-2)=, Kevin says its -9 but Liem and Josh doesn't agree they says its -11. They tried -11 but they got it wrong but they tried Kevin's answer the door opened. When they got to the inside of the base they saw the key. Liem ran hurry to get the key and Kevin and Josh ran outside follow by liem and they saw JP. They had Enough of him to Josh summon his Dragon to stall JP.
The Dragon is stalling JP and Kevin, Liem and Josh ran away. Liem gave Josh the key and he said that you can teleport their. So Josh teleported to Sleepy Wood and he got another Integer question because so he can activity the key and destroy the key. (-6)+(8)=. Josh was thinking hard and he tired 2 and he got it rght. He hurry and put the key inside soon a flash of light shined and Everybody saw it and the Thieves were too late to stop it.

Chapter 5 - The War Stopped

Soon the war stopped and the Dark lord of the Thieves made a apologize note. The Bowman, Warriors and Mages agree for the apologize note and the World is back to normal and the Shinobi of Kevin was now a real Bowmaster in Henesys.

Kevin was sitting down thinking of all the Intergers he had fun guessing and thinking what the answers are going to be. Last integer question he got was (-2)+(-3)=. He asking someone to guess what is it.

Chapter 6 - Another question of Integers!

Couple years later Kevin and Liem met in Henesys, follow by Josh. Josh said that he got another box of an Integer question. The Question is (-7)-(-4)=? Liem yelled -2!!!!!! Kevin was very quiet. Kevin said it was -3. Josh said -3 to the box and it was right. They open the box and their was another question. (+7)+(-2)-(-5)=. Kevin said he got the answer because he said (-2)-(-5)=3. Than (+7)+(+3)=10. Josh said it to the box and it was right. They open the box and their it was it was...............

All I did was adding 2 new question Integers and finding Spelling and Grammers. I hope you like my new inprove Story. =D


  1. ThatsSoSick said...

    vincenttt why am i the priestt??? that suckss xD

    October 26, 2008 at 5:11 PM  

  2. ThatsSoSick said...

    ohh and what server did u take that pic in?

    October 26, 2008 at 5:11 PM  

  3. Kevin 8-17 said...

    Nice job Vincent!! Some things you can improve could be adding more pictures to the integer questions that you do, and some spelling mistakes, but other than that it's awesome!!

    November 2, 2008 at 9:26 PM  

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