Sharmayne's Adventure Story

Friday, October 24, 2008
One day as Lilo was walking down the beach she noticed Stich playing with a pineapple out in the ocean. Stich began to play with it and throw it around. Then he noticed that there were numbers carved into the pineapple. The numbers read (-4)+(+4)=. Stich began to paddle his surf board to the shore to find Lilo. Once he got to shore he screamed to Lilo , she came running immediately once she heard Stich calling her name. Stich showed her the pineapple, she was curios about it also because she didn't know what it was. Lilo and Stich began to walk home with the pineapple in Stich's hand and the surfboard in Lilo's. Once they got home they ran to Lilo's sister Nani, She said that the numbers were called Integers. Lilo went to Jamba and asked him if he could help her. Jamba was more then willing and showed her another cousin of Stich. His name was Integers. Jamba had him tucked up away, so he went on over to his drawer and pulled out a little marble like ball. He put it into water and up came a little creature that had glasses. Lilo immediately showed him the question. He asked Jamba for paper and began answering the integer question (-4)+(-4). This is what his paper showed:

The next day while Lilo was outside looking over the integer question she went to the mailbox because the mail man was there. He slipped in a pineapple with a new integer question on it. She read the question over and over until she couldn't make any sense of it. She then went to go find Integers who was sitting on the kitchen table having a coffee. Lilo said good morning to him and also said "Integers look what the mail man dropped off this morning." Lilo then showed him the pineapple with the new integer question. The integer question read (-2)+(+3)=. Integers then asked for a pen and paper and this is what it the piece of paper read:

Nani and David came home shortly after there walk down the ocean. Nani had a new pineapple in her hand. She said that while her and David were at the beach sipping Pina Colodas the waiter of the restaurant came and said that it was from a man who had dropped it off earlier in the morning. Nani said that she would give it to Lilo for her to solve. Lilo felt that Integers had done allot of problem solving for her already so he explained to her how integers were added. The question the the pineapple read (-7)+(+2)=. Because Lilo had Integers explain how to do it , She then solved the question on the pineapple. Her work showed this :

Lilo felt so proud of herself that she learned how to add integers.She was really excited for the next one to come. Sadly another question didn't appear for another 6 days. On the 6Th day another pineapple arrived. This time while Lilo and Stich were outside playing with her spoon dolls. Then Integers came and showed Lilo the pineapple. Lilo was really excited to get the question answered. She ran all the way home to go and get a pencil and her math notebook to get the question done. This time the question was (-2)+(+2), when Lilo was finished her notebook was filled, it looked like this:

Lilo,Stich,Nani,David,Jamba and Stiches's new cousin Integers were eating breakfast in the morning when Pliekly came to the kitchen table and showed them the new pineapple with a diffrent question on it. Pliekly said that the man from the juice shack came and dropped it off. This time Lilo said "Lets have a race ! Lets see who can do it the fastest, who ever gets the right answer to the question gets to have my peanut butter sand which." This time the question was (-6)+(-1).


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