The Integer Contest

Friday, October 24, 2008

Me, Joysie, and Karen entered the Integer contest. We all went to the same school, and were in the same class. We decided to enter the integer contest so we could win some prizes and money.

We entered the building together, there was a lady at the back of a table with a list of names. She asked us our names, told us to put a paper with numbers, 7, 25, and 30 and told us to go down the hall until you reached a door with steps going up. When we got up the stairs, we saw a big stage full of chairs, and a microphone stand at the front. We all looked at each other, we weren't expecting this, it looked like some sort of spelling bee contest. There was also a lady in the door to the stage, holding a list of names. She asked us our numbers which was on the front of our shirt and told us to sit on the chairs. We then decided to sit on some chairs on the corner of the stage. We could see lots of other kids around, lots of them looked smart. There was a woman and two men behind a table at the very front, we thought were the judges.
While we waited ti'll the show would start, we studied and practiced our integer problems from math class. About 20 minutes later we noticed there were many more people sitting in chairs than before. The lights turned on and faced the stage, making us blink and put our hands on our eyes.
" Ladies and gentlemen, the show is about to start, please stand up for the national anthom." One of the judges said into the microphone.
" Wow, we have to stand up for the national anthom? It's just a contest." Karen whispered as she stood up.
After the national anthom, we sat down. The show started, and the judge started calling different numbers to come up and answer some questions. After a few people went, the judge said number 7 to come up.
"It's ME! Guys It's ME !" Joysie said.
"We'll go on!" we both said.
She stood and started to walk to the front of the stage, when she got there, she looked back at us with a nervous look on her face.
We both raised up our thumbs and smiled a 'good-luck' smile.
" Are you ready?" One of the judges said.
" Y-yes." Joysie said.
"Alright, answer the following questions and tell us how you did it." Said the judge,"positive twenty-eight plus negative twenty-four."
Joysie's mind raced, she thought if that day in math class, the teacher telling the class about I have and I owe. She thought, I have twenty-eight dollars and owe twenty-four. She imagined this picture-She thought, twenty-eight minus twenty-four is 4, it should be positive 4.

"Positive four." She said.
"Correct!" The judge as she got closer to the microphone.
" Next question, positive seven plus positive nine plus negative two."

She thought the same, but this question was different. She knew how to do this,
first she would take the group of positives and add them together which would make sixteen, now add negative two to it which would make positive fourteen. She imagined this picture-
"The answer is positive fourteen!" Her voice was louder than last answer, she felt more comfortable.
"Correct!" Said the judge. "You may go now."

Joysie left the front of the stage to sit with her friends again.

"I knew you could do it!" I whispered.
"Me too." Karen whispered after me.

After lots of kids went, the judge went on to call number 25.
It was MY turn now.



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