Marker and the 4 Math Questions

Sunday, October 26, 2008
Once upon a time, there was a guy named Marker. This guy was no ordinary guy. He was a kind of person that was rich. The only reason why he was rich was because his mom and dad were king and queen. Since he was a prince, he didn’t have to go to school.
One day, something terrible happened. His castle got destroyed. After his castle got destroyed, the only one that survived was Marker. Marker didn’t know what to do, until he found a leprechaun. When he saw the leprechaun, he followed it. Later on the leprechaun stopped walking. The leprechaun then did a magic spell that made a rainbow. The leprechaun spotted Marker, and then asked Marker if he needed any help. Marker then told the leprechaun that he needed one wish from him. He asked the leprechaun if he could make the castle and his family back. The leprechaun told Marker that he would only let Marker have his wish, if he passed a test. For the test, the leprechaun turned Marker into a marker, and then told Marker to answer 4 math questions. There was only one problem. Marker never went to school. So that means he wouldn’t know any of the math questions that the leprechaun asked him. Since he never went to school, the leprechaun sent Marker to a school and told him that after he graduated school, he would then give him the questions.
When marker finally graduated school, the leprechaun turned Marker into a marker, and then asked him his first question. His first question was, (-7) + (-23) + (+98) + (+2). When Marker saw the question, the first thing that popped into his head was to group like terms. Since he knew to simplify the question, the question became easier to answer. When he simplified the question, this was his question. (-30)+ (+100). Marker was about to put an answer wrong. He was going to put that his answer was (-130). He forgot that when adding a positive number to a negative, you have to take the positive number and subtract it from the negative number. Before he wrote his answer down, he used a number line to help him. Since he used a number line, Marker fixed his mistake, and then got the right answer. His next question was a word problem. His word problem sounded like this. If you had $100, then you earned $50, then spent $32, and spent another$55, how much money would you have? The first thing that Marker did when he saw that question was make it into a math question. He put (+100) + (+50) + (-32) + (-50). After he made it into a math question, he simplified it. When he simplified it, he got (+150) + (-82). His answer at first was (+68). Even though that answer sounds right, it’s wrong. The thing that he forgot about was that he had to change his answer from a math question, into a normal question. But since he checked his answer before putting it down, he got the question right. His next question sounds easy but it is not. His next question was (+9) + (-9). The hard part about this question was that he had to identify what kind of integer his answer was. His answer was right, but now he has to do the other part of the question. For the second part of his question, he had to know what the word was called when something is not positive or negative. To remember that question, he thought back to when he was in school in science class. When he was in science class he remembered that he had to do a project that he had to do at home. His project was called the neutral floating device. Now he knew the second part of his question. His answer was that 0 was a neutral integer. His last question was the hardest out of all his other questions. His last question was (-273)+(+78)+(12)+(-987)+(-6)+(-456). For this question the leprechaun let Marker use a calculator. The mistake that he made this time was that he forgot that to group like terms. But before he put the answer down, he ate a banana. After he finished eating, he just remembered about grouping like terms. The only reason that he forgot about grouping like terms is because he was only thinking about how hungry he was. His answer was (-1632).
Finally, he answered all of the questions right. After he was done answering all of the questions, he got his wish from the leprechaun. After he got his wish, he had his house, and his family back, with something extra. He had an extra smarts. But then something terrible happened.

Marker and the Math Questions Part 2
Previously, Marker got his wish, but then something terrible happened. He had bumped his head so hard on the wall that he lost all of his memory. Since he lost all of his memory, he didn't know anybody anymore.
After a while his mom and dad were very worried. They thought that they would never get Markers memory back until they found a journal that had the words "Markers journal" printed on it. since they were so desperate in getting Markers memory back, they took a look. in the journal was drawings and paragraphs of what he did after his castle, mom and dad disappeared. While they were reading, they found something very strange. They found out that Marker met a leprechaun that gave wishes, and that they wouldn't of been alive if it wasn't for Marker. Also in that journal was the location that Marker found the leprechaun. After they read that part of the journal, they were very excited that they could finally have a way how to get Markers memory back. The journal said that the leprechaun was found right near by their house.
At this point, they were so excited that they both broke a steel desk. Since they were so excited, they decided to go on an adventure to find the leprechaun. When they got outside, the first place they looked was around the house. They couldn't find him. the second place that they looked was anywhere inside the house. The third place they looked was around the whole neighbourhood. Five hours went by and they still couldn't find him until they looked up. When they looked up they saw the leprechaun sitting on their roof eating a Popsicle. When they found the leprechaun, the first thing that they did was look in the journal to see what Marker did when he found the leprechaun. the only problem is that they couldn't find the journal. Markers dad who was named Pen, just remembered that he shredded it because he thought that it was his journal not Marker's.
Since they didn't have the journal anymore, they decided to just climb on top of the roof and catch the leprechaun. When they finally caught the leprechaun, the first thing that they did was ask the leprechaun to give them a wish and why they needed it. Since the leprechaun was so nice, he let them have the wish without answering any questions only in one condition. When the leprechaun gives Marker his memory back, Marker has to answer his questions. Since they were so desperate in getting Markers memory back, they agreed.
When Marker got his memory back, the leprechaun right away asked him the questions. The first question was a warm up question. The question was (-9)-(+9). Markers first answer was 0 but now he remembered that he was doing subtracting not adding. Since he remembered that, he got his question right.

The second question was a little bit harder than the last question. The question was (+9)-(-4)-(2). Marker's answer was right because he remembered to change all of the subtraction questions into and addition question.

The third question was tricky. The question was -(-3)-(-3). This question is tricky because there is a floating negative symbol. Even though this was one of the tricky questions, Marker knew what to do. He knew to change the first negative three into a positive 3 because of the floating negative symbol.
The last question was very tricky. Instead of just one number in the brackets, there were two. The question was -(-5-3)-(8-3). The only way that Marker got this question right was by cheating. He used a calculator. His answer was 3. After he answered all of the questions, he was allowed to keep his memory, and everyone was happy again.

Marker and the 4 Math Questions Part 3

Previously, Marker bumped his head. After he bumped his head he lost all of his memory. Since he lost all of his memory, his mom and dad didn't know how to get his memory back until they found Markers journal. With the journal, they were able to find the leprechaun, and get Markers memory back. When Marker got his memory back, he had to answer 4 math questions to keep his memory. He successfully answered all the questions right except for one mistake. He cheated on the last question because he didn't know what the answer was.
Since Marker cheated, he hasn't been able to sleep in knowing that he cheated on that last question. He would of the leprechaun sooner, but he didn't wan to disappoint him. He felt so bad because the leprechaun only gave me and my family a second chance because he trusted me.

When Marker finally got a chance to talk to the leprechaun, he didn't tell the truth because the leprechaun looked so happy to see Marker. Even though Marker messed up the first time, he didn't on the second time. When Marker finally told the leprechaun that he cheated, he thought that the leprechaun would get mad at him. But instead, the leprechaun stayed calm. He stayed calm because when he was a kid, he would always cheat in school. He also told Marker that he was glad that he cheated because he really wanted Marker to keep his memory.

Even though the leprechaun wasn't mad about the whole cheating thing, The leprechaun still made Marker answer 4 math questions. But this time the wishes were a test to see how much Marker knows about math. But instead of subtracting integers, this time it was both subtracting and addition questions in the same questions.
The first question was an easy question. the question was 5+(-6)-4-(-2). The first thing that popped up into Markers mind was to change this whole question into an addition question. the way that Marker did that was by making the subtraction signs into a positive and the integer beside it, only if the question was telling you to subtract a negative. The question that Marker got now was 11-6. Now Marker could answer it properly. he got 5 as an answer.

The second question was really easy if you knew your zero pairs. The question was (-9)-(-8)+9. For this question Marker right away saw the zero pair. Since he saw the zero pair, his answer was -8 because that was the only integer left after you take the zero pairs away.
The third question was a little bit harder because it had a floating negative sign in it. The question was -(-3)+7-(3)+5. For this question, the first thing that he did was changed the first number into a positive number because of the floating negative sign. Then he added negative 3 to 3 and got 0. The last thing that he did was add 7 and five because it was the last numbers left.
The last question was the hardest question was the hardest out of all the question that the leprechaun asked Marker because it has two integers in one bracket. His question was (8-10)-(-7+5)+9. For this question, Marker was very smart now. So this question was really easy to him. He got the answer right away. His answer was 10.

After Marker answered all of the questions correctly, the leprechaun got so old that he retired from his job. Since Marker and his family were so grateful, they let the leprechaun live with them for the rest of his life so he has a place to stay when he finishes work.
The leprechaun, Marker and his family all lived happily ever after.



  1. NickyD817 said...

    Amazing imagination Jai! It was very interesting when Marker turned into a marker. Anyways I should probably tell you some things that you could improve on.
    1.instead of: He was a kind of person that was rich you should put: He was a rich person
    2.instead of:His castle got destroyed it should be: Marker's castle got destroyed just because it's a new paragraph and you need to state the subject again (it's a very L.A-ish thing to do but...yeah)
    3.instead of:The leprechaun then did a magic spell that made a rainbow. you could put:Then the leprechaun cast a magic spell that made a rainbow.
    Like I said amazing imagination on your part Jai! Awesome story!

    October 28, 2008 at 5:36 PM  

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