Sunday, October 5, 2008

My self evaluation Kimberly Ramirez.
The things i did well on my Autobiography are the pictures, writing and title page.
The things i can certainly work on is putting it together and being more creative. The best
part about doing this project is the writing, the poems and pictures. The hardest part to me
is remembering about the pictures and writing about it. I dont think i was really creative,but
i tried really hard to get full marks. I used up all my class time and my free time on this
project because its worth a lot of marks. I say if the cover and backround of my project was
out of 10 i think i deserve 5 - 6 because i made a couple of mistakes and i think its really
messy. I think my final project made me really happy because i was done and because i
love making projects like these. On my next project i will do a lot better and take the time
to buy stuff so its nice and perfect.
" I'd rather do this than anything els in school" :p


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