The Lost : Halloween Night

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Have you ever been scared to death, brought back in time, and was lost ?I have I'm Kurosaki my friends, Sora, Yuki, Stark and I. Were walking through the park at night during Halloween. It would be the worst mistake we've ever made. Here it goes.

Chapter 1- The Night of Friends

Today was Halloween and it was after the dance, we were at Sora's house watching a new movie called The Lost. I really like Yuki she was one of my best friends and was the prettiest girl i knew, I was really craving to go to the park, with her and walk the scary dirt trail at night and she would be scared and hide in my arms. I asked if she would come with Sora, Stark and I to the park after the movie. She agreed, I was Extremely exited and happy. Were at the park and i see the dirt trail. It was my chance and i went for it,"Yuki , would you want to come with me though the dirt trail."
She answered,"Um, only if Sora and Stark will come ."
Of course i agreed so we went. I was right she was in my arms most of the way,until we saw an old lady. We got distracted and fell down the side of the trail to and in the lake. But I wasn't wet and it seemed i was in an whole place i was at a plain nothing was in sight except grass and and old house.

Chapter 2 - Kurosaki's Story

I was at the old house and the old lady from before was standing right in front of my face.
She said,"Are you lost boy? "
I said,"Where am I and what did you do to my friends !"
She whispered,"To move to your nearest friend you must answer, (+10)+(-90)+(-20)= ."
What was it that Mr.Harbeck told us about adding multiple integers ? I remember now combining like terms, (-90) and (-20) are both negative numbers, together they would make (-110). So the question would be (+10)+(-110)=. The other thing was, have and owe. So if i have 10$ and but i owe -110$ so i i give 10$ i would owe 100 dollars after.
I answered without hesitation,"(-100)."
She Shouted,"Correct."

A trap door opened under me I fell was a huge drop but while i was going through the I saw Yuki in one of the floors i saw . I shouted her name and she looked but too late i was already at the bottom of the worlds.
It was under water but fortunately i was able to breath, but i wasn't worried about the reason i just wanted to get back home and see my friends again.I started to wonder around to see f the old lady was anywhere in sight. I was walking around in circles and gave up on finding her. I thought I'd never find her , and I'd be stuck in this world forever. Then i remembered, i saw a boat while i was walking around. I went back to the boat and noticed that it was her but this time she was blue . Well i asked her," What is the question that will take me home."
She answered,"(+55)+(-55)=, this time you have to use it with a number line."
I heard of a number line before but i didn't know what it was or i had forgot. So i just really though hard and remembered.
I answered fast," The answer is 0."

This time i was ready for the trap door. But it wasn't a trap door this time the old lady tapped my shoulder and
i was floating and it felt like i could fly so i flew as high as i can and i ended up in air i wanted to go higher but then the old lady popped up in front of me when i tried and took away my flying power and i fell to the ground. though i was going to die but i stopped and hit a solid cloud.
I said,"Gezz, didn't have to do that you know you could just said you didn't answer my question yet."
She answered," He he, where's the fun in that, well . The question is" (+3)+(-5)="
She Added," You also have to use algebra tiles for this one ."
I already knew about algebra tiles so this one was easy for me.
I answered,"The answer is (+2)

This time i just blinked and then i found myself in a land on fire. This time the lady was in front of a big,huge, massive door.
She told me,"Behind this door is the exit, to your friends you will have to answer this question to get though. Use everything you've learn so far to find the answer. The question is (-150)+(-481)="
Well these numbers were huge but i just used mental and normal integer math to come up with the answer and got it.
I shouted,"(-631) the answer is (-631)."
She answered,"Correct."
I shook the Old Lady's hand jump up dancing and shouting, I was so happy. I walked through the door and..
to be continued..


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